Hometechnologyremote controls and old-school TVs.

remote controls and old-school TVs.

To replace a lost remote, you would have to use the buttons on the TV.

The modern TVs offer basic controls. Here’s how to change to HDMI on your Samsung TV.

Locate and activate the TV Control Button

HDMI can do many things today.

Some people may believe that you can’t change inputs on your Samsung TV without the remote. Also known as the Control Stick or the Jog Controller,

Use Control Stick

The Control Stick can be found in three locations on Samsung TVs.

This button may also be found at the bottom or right side of the screen. These commands allow you to navigate to an input option to change your HDMI cable.

The Control Stick can be found at the bottom of your TV. If you’re facing the TV in normal mode, it is located on the right side.

Use a tablet or smartphone

Smart devices are capable of doing almost anything. It is possible to turn your smartphone or tablet into a remote control to the Samsung TV using the App Store and Play Store.

This allows for you to switch easily from HDMI to the input.

Your Samsung TV and phone must be on the same network

Moving to HDMI Without a Remote

Samsung TV remote controls can still be used even if they are lost or damaged.

No matter what, switching to HDMI on your Samsung TV is simple with no remote.

Have you tried to locate the Control Stick? Do you have any experience with remote apps for your phone? Share your experiences below.


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