You should now be familiar with the basic components of braces. Brackets and wires are well-known to you. Ligatures, ligatures, and wires are also not a mystery. You’re probably familiar with wires, brackets, and ligatures. But then you hear a new term: “Power chains.” Why do you think power chains are necessary? Let’s find out how power chains can be *linked* with your orthodontic treatment.

First, power chains are important.

These chains are not actually necklaces or bike chains. They are only rarely made from metal. These chains are usually a string of O-ring loops, just like elastic ligatures. They are attached in a row to look like a chain.

Your requirements will be met with the appropriate length chain. Dr. Ted Vossers will attach each loop of the chain around one bracket, linking certain teeth together. Chains can be extended across one or more teeth or the entire arch.

Zweiten, why power chains?

These chains are often made of the same elastics as your ligatures or bands so they will want to keep their original form. Even when they are stretched between your brackets, they will return to their original form. They help to move your teeth together by contracting.

They lose their elasticity over time and will not work as well. You’ll likely get a new powerchain whenever you visit our Burlington office in NC for an adjustment.

Third, why power chains?

This is the most important question. What power chains can improve your smile?

After the first phase, most power chains are part of your treatment. These power chains can be used to align your teeth and correct your bite. However, they are most commonly used to close the gaps between your teeth.

After a tooth is removed, you might notice a gap. You might notice gaps between your teeth as they move into new positions. These gaps can be eliminated by power chains, which move teeth closer together and are faster than wires or brackets.

How long do you expect to need them?

This is something Dr. Ted Vossers can discuss with you. Your treatment plan will be tailored to your needs, whether it is for weeks or months. It will move your teeth in the best possible positions and ensure that your teeth are healthy.

Options for power chains

These chains can take any of three forms depending on your treatment plan and the size of your teeth. Only the distance between rings is different.

We’ll choose the right type of chain for you. Personalizing your power chain is your contribution. You can mix and match power chains in a variety of colors. If you have ligatures, you can coordinate with them if they come with ties. You can choose from a variety of colors, including clear, silver, and white. You can mix and match colors. You can mix and match colors.

Do you have any other suggestions?

As with any adjustment, you may feel some discomfort the first few days after a new power chain is installed. Dr. Ted Vossers can offer suggestions to make those first few days as easy as possible.

Power chains, just like brackets or ligatures can trap food particles. Follow our instructions to keep your teeth and braces clean.

Let’s not forget one benefit of power chains. You can see the gap between your teeth shrinking over the course of the power chain’s use. As you work towards your beautiful, healthy smile, take a photo of each step. It’s an amazing experience!


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