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The third Commonwealth raider outpost is the first step in the quest. First, Shank must be contacted to find out if he was sent to the Commonwealth. According to how the eight previous territories were distributed (five theme parks, three Commonwealth posts), Shank reveals that the group that received the least territories rebelled against the Overboss and took control of the Nuka-World power station.

Meet with other bosses at the power plant. Whatever dialogue options are chosen, the final result is that the traitorous group and its leader must be killed. The bosses are part of the attack on the power station, fighting the traitorous group’s forces and some wild ghouls.

The boss’s last stand is made on the roof. After they are killed, the player character takes off the control key from the boss’s body and turns on the main power to NukaWorld. As the lights are restored, fireworks explode over the parks. Talk to Gage about completing the quest and bringing the Nuka-World story to an end.

Multiple reward options


The player character will be rewarded for completing this quest and speaking to Gage.

  • The Ace Operator perk will be awarded to players who have not betrayed the Operator character.
  • The Chosen perk will be given to players who have not betrayed the Disciples.
  • If the Player Character didn’t betray, they will get the Pack Alpha perk.


After defeating the traitorous group and turning on power, the survivors will speak to their former leaders at home to continue the dialogue and get new weapons and perks.

  • Nisha offers a Disciples Blade with the Instigating legendary ability, which does double damage to enemies while dealing full health.
  • Mags offers an Operators sniper gun with the Unrelenting legendary effect. This refills Action Points upon a critical hit.
  • Mason offers a puncturing missile bat with the Furious legendary effect. This causes an increase in damage for every hit on the same target.


  • Because there are three gangs it is difficult to evenly divide the eight territories acquired before the end of the main story. The rebellious gang is the one who wins the most territory if two gangs are tied.
  • Shank will tell the player character, if he is in the Commonwealth, to go back to Nuka-World to solve the problem. You can accept additional settlement raiding missions even if the quest is still active.
  • Grenade traps can be found all over the plant. They are very effective at killing the player character due to their tight spaces. The raiders that accompany the player character should be avoided as they could set off traps.
  • When the power is restored, you can explore new areas of the Nuka-World parks. There are secrets to be discovered.
    • Issue #5: Dry Rock Gulch Employee Area
    • Accessible by elevator from Star Control – 1 Star Core, the Starport Nuka observation platform
    • Access to the secure drinker lab via the Nuka Cola bottling facility. This is located near Lanier’s deceased recon team – Project Cobalt schematics
  • The quest Open season will be active for the player character. This quest will give them a miscellaneous objective, which is to reactivate power to Nuka-World. The player character will still be able to access items only within the sealed areas if they choose to kill the gang leaders.
  • After completing this quest, you will be attacked if you enter the territory of an opposing faction.


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