HometechnologyMost people can use the controls on Samsung TVs.

Most people can use the controls on Samsung TVs.

You will need to go online to learn how to modify inputs.

This issue is affecting many people, so we have provided all details in this article. To change the input on your Samsung TV’s Samsung TV, please continue reading

Modifying the Source of Your Samsung TV

Samsung TVs are capable of being connected to multiple inputs or sources.

There are two types of USB ports.

First Method: The Source Button

The “Source” button is located at the topmost part of all Samsung TV remotes. To access the source menu, you may need to connect something to your TV.

Second Method: While your TV is on, connect a device to it.

This is a simple technique. Connect your device (such as a Playstation) directly to the input port.

Third Method: Selecting a source by using a Menu

You can usually select the source from a menu. This is especially true for modern TVs.

Select “Source” from the drop-down menu. This will enable your TV to display all inputs and sources.

Inputs can be renamed by labeling them. This is useful for those who have multiple gaming consoles.

Change input on Samsung TV using Remote Control

The modern television lacks many control options. Let’s look at how you can turn your Samsung TV into HDMI.

1. Locate the Control Button on the Samsung TV

HDMI input can now perform a variety of tasks.

Without a remote control, it may seem difficult to control inputs on your Samsung TV’s LCD.

The model determines the location. This is how to find it.

2. Using Your Samsung TV Control Stick

You can find the Control Stick in these places on Samsung TVs:

1 To navigate to the menu options, use the controls at the lower-left corner.

By pressing one button, you can open the menu. Navigate to all options.

3 Input can be done using The SmartThings app

Samsung SmartThings transforms your smartphone into a remote for the TV.

You cannot. This method cannot be used if your TV is not registered as a SmartThings Device.

Click Menu to Launch SmartThings. Next, select All Devices to choose your TV.

The SmartThings app allows you to control an on-screen remote.

The controls can be used in the same manner as a TV remote. Modify the input by clicking the source key or menu button.

4. Use a tablet or smartphone

Many smart gadgets are possible. Some apps let smartphones and tablets function as remotes.

You can control your Samsung TV using a variety of third-party apps from the App Store or Play Store.

These apps can be third-party, so input changes might differ. To allow apps to work properly, your Samsung TV and phone need to be connected.

Most Frequently Asked Questions

What can I do to change the input on my Samsung TV?

TVs built in 2015 and earlier are

You can modify the input on Samsung TVs manufactured in 2015 or earlier.


TVs starting in 2016:

This guide will show you how to modify the input of Samsung TVs manufactured in 2016 and later.

To start the Smart Hub, press the Home button on the remote control.

Select Source from the dropdown menu.

How can you change the input on your Samsung TV?

The Control Stick is located in the lower-left corner.

The middle button can be used as a remote control for menu options. Change the input option to HDMI

What is the input button on the Samsung TV?

You can press “Home” with your remote control. Scroll to the end until you see “Source”. To go to the input screen, click “Source”.

What is the best way to change between hdmi1 or hdmi2?

Press the “Input” and “Source” buttons on the remote control. This will show the name of the input port which provides the signal to TV.

You can switch HDMI 1 to HDMI 2, by pressing the “Input/Source” button on your TV. After “HDMI 2” appears again, press the button.

Which options do I have to connect my Samsung TV’s antenna?

Use your remote’s arrows and directional pads to access the Settings menu. If you only have an antenna, choose Cable or Air.

This is not an HDMI Cable. An HDMI cable does not transmit any signal to my Samsung TV.

Your TV might not recognize HDMI cables.


The wireless display adapter can connect to either a power outlet or an HDMI port on the TV.

How can I change the source signal on my Samsung TV?

A factory reset is a good idea if your Samsung TV doesn’t recognize your inputs.

Flatscreen TVs have HDMI ports.

You can connect your laptop to a flat screen TV using the HDMI port.

A Samsung TV informs me that the option I wish to use is unavailable.

This message indicates that the Samsung LCD TV and connected computer are unable to communicate. To fix this, you can adjust your settings to increase your screen size.


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