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How to Turn On the Power In Nuka World

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To turn on the Power in Nuka World, the player must complete several steps. As outlined in the mission The Grand tour, each park section must first be cleared. Gage can be contacted to help you claim all five sections and make an important decision.

After speaking with Mackinzie Bridgeman at the Nuka World USA market, the player has the option to take on the Open Season task. The player is required to hunt down all three gang bosses. This will, incidentally, turn every Nuka-World gang member against them. The player can now turn on the power after defeating all gang bosses.

Alternatively, the player could start a gang rebellion by helping the Raiders or conquering three Commonwealth towns. The player can then proceed to the next steps by putting down the rebellion.

The Power is Turning On

After you have met the requirements above, go to the Nuka World map’s north-west section. You will find a Power Plant by following the road that loops north. It can be easily spotted on the hilltop that towers above the rest.

You will find the Nuka-World Power Plant entrance at the back of the building. It is a blue door located near the ground floor. The area could be home to Ghouls, or gang members depending on your choices.

You will be moving through the plant towards the roof. However, you will start by going downstairs. You will follow a track through the plant with tracks going down, up and down again.

You will notice a hidden suit of Power Armor on the bottom floor behind the locked door.

Beware of the Bloated Glowing Ghoul that you might encounter… he’s carrying a Fat Man. You should quickly knock him down and keep your distance.

You will find the employee terminal in the vicinity of the pool table. Look for the hidden upward-facing ramp nearby. The ladder to the roof is located in the darkened room.

You can climb up to the top and then loop around to reach the control room. The big button in white will turn on the power.


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