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How To Fix Samsung Galaxy S5 Charging Problems[Troubleshooting Guides]

Many people have reached out to our team for assistance regarding their Galaxy S5’s inability to charge or faulty charging. 

You can buy a new battery to charge it. The back cover is too heavy to open and close every time it goes low.

We experienced very few charging problems. Some were caused either by apps or bugs in the firmware. Some were hardware-related.

  1. The Galaxy S5 charges very slowly
  2. Galaxy S5 heats slowly and charges slowly
  3. Galaxy S5 does NOT need to be charged
  4. Galaxy S5 doesn’t need to be charged in your car
  5. Galaxy S5 won’t charge you if it’s submerged in water

The Galaxy S5 charges very slowly

Problem: My Galaxy S5 was around for over a full year. It is still functional and can be used for its intended purpose. The battery percentage dropped to 70% recently after being left plugged into overnight. Your help is appreciated in identifying the problem and fixing it.

Troubleshooting with Hey Kal. This problem may be due to an app or group of apps.

  1. The device should be turned off
  2. Hold the Power button down.
  3. Press the Power button when Samsung Galaxy S5 appears on your screen.
  4. After you release the Power key, hold the Volume Down key down.
  5. Keep the Volume Down Key on until the device starts to turn itself off.
  6. Safe mode can be found in the lower left corner.
  7. Release the Volume Down key when you see Safe Mode.

You can check if your Galaxy S5 charges in barebones. Search for the Samsung Galaxy S5 to see if it charges in barebones mode. Backup all data.

Galaxy S5 heats slowly and charges slowly

Hi Harold. I read through all your troubleshooting posts, and found one issue with my Galaxy S5. It charges slowly and heats so fast that it could explode. I can rest assured that it will work as intended.

I’d like to add that some photos vanished during slow heating up of charging. I appreciate you taking the time to read this email.

Troubleshooting Hello Anne. Your description suggests that the problem is caused by a corrupted or damaged microSD Card.

Although there are many factors that can reduce or heat up your smartphone’s battery, it was surprising to find that some of your photos disappeared long before this issue started.

If the microSD card is damaged or corrupted the phone will not be able read them or detect them. If the CPU attempts to access storage devices that are not functioning as expected, it heats.

You can solve the quick battery draining issue by simply removing your microSD cards. Some photos may not be possible to recover due to the condition or the microSD.

The microSD card can be removed from your computer. Next, insert it into a reader. Next, insert the microSD into a card reader.

It is a good idea to upgrade your microSD Card.

Galaxy S5 does NOT need to be charged

Problem: Hello, team. Your response is now required.

Troubleshooting: Hi Mariko. Soft reset is possible. This will not erase any data.

  1. Turn off the phone, and then remove the battery cover.
  2. If your battery is low, you can hold the Power Key down for one minute.
  3. Reinstall the battery and cover.
  4. Charge your phone

Problems can be identified if your phone charges. Troubleshooting the problem is also possible.

  1. Broken cable or charger
  2. Battery dead
  3. Hardware problem on your phone

You can try a different type of charger if you have the option. If possible, use a different charging source.

Galaxy S5 doesn’t need to be charged in your car

Problem: Hello droid guy. My Galaxy S5 won’t charge in my car. But, the charger that came along with it was defective, so I bought another one. The charger doesn’t work. The charger can still charge my phone via the wall outlet. It would be amazing if my smartphone could charge in my vehicle. James

Troubleshooting – Hello James. It seems like your charger is the problem. Your charger is compatible.

It is possible to use the same cable. The problem is in the location where you plug your car’s charger in.

Galaxy S5 won’t charge you if it is submerged into water

Problem: My Galaxy S5 accidentally slipped into a sink brimming with water. It was already out of commission when I took it home. I was aware that my device had water so I dried it with towels before turning it on. It doesn’t matter what I do, however, it still won’t charge.

Another thing that I noticed was how quickly the battery was draining. It reached 87% when it was submerged into water. It was at 87% when it had been submerged in water.

Troubleshooting The Galaxy S5 can still be flooded if the rubber sealing the charging port is not properly tightened.

It is possible that water has entered the device via your description. This could explain why your battery drains so fast.

It is difficult to determine the extent and cause of water damage. The charging IC component is easy to destroy.

You can’t fix this problem. This service is not covered under warranty.


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