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How to change the input on a Samsung TV

It’s amazing how seemingly small things can suddenly become so large that you realize they’re not really that big. This issue isn’t covered in many online articles.

Why is there so much information on this subject online?

This isn’t something people talk about. This is a problem that Samsung TV input/source problems are often forgotten about.

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Similar issues are present on the Samsung TV. There are many options. You can search the internet looking for solutions, failing until you find one.

Samsung may not change the input method or source, but it could still stay true to that. There is still hope. They might clarify the source/input methods in future TV operating guidelines.

How can I change my Samsung TV’s source?

Samsung TVs can be used with many inputs.

Let’s suppose your PlayStation is connected via HDMI to your USB. Some console gamers prefer listening to podcasts on the TV rather than their games’ audio.

Method 1: Click the Source Button

Samsung TVs include a “Source” button at the top right of the remote. Sometimes, the TV might limit access to the source menu by restricting access to that button.

Method 2 – Connect something to your TV while it’s still on

This is a simple process. Some TVs will automatically switch to the source if you plug in something.

The console’s console feed will be switched on when the console is turned ON. To check that the console is set up properly, you can also turn it off.

Method 3: Select the source from the menu

Many times, the source can be selected from the regular menu. This is especially helpful for modern TVs. Missing connections may also be visible.

If you like, you can also name your inputs. This method also allows you to rename inputs.

Modify your input on the Samsung Q7 Qled smart TV

Use your remote control to access a menu. Press “Home” on the remote control. Scroll down until “Source” appears in the menu.

Click on “Source” for the input screen.


Samsung will establish a standard in inputs/sources problems. These suggestions were helpful. You are invited to share your thoughts with us in the comments.


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