HometechnologyHave you pressed this little button in your Galaxy's Volume Panel yet?

Have you pressed this little button in your Galaxy’s Volume Panel yet?

te The main volume slider on your screen has a menu button at the top. This will transform the slider into a fully-functioning volume panel with all the controls you might need to make the Galaxy’s various sounds. It’s all pretty standard stuff, but there is more.

The expanded volume panel’s top-right corner has a cog-shaped icon. This will take you to your sound settings. The odd button in the left top corner looks almost like a letter. This button adds new functionality to your Galaxy. It is almost futuristic.

This button is now available in your volume panel.

Live Caption

This icon is the button. This is a new accessibility feature that Google has integrated into Samsung’s volume panel for recent software versions.

You can try it by pressing one of the physical volume buttons located on the Galaxy’s side. Tap the ellipses to display the volume slider. Next, select the Live Caption button at the top-left of the expanded volume panel. When the feature is enabled, the icon will change from gray to white. You can then tap outside the volume panel to dismiss the panel or wait for it to time out.

You’ve just enabled the most powerful speech-to-text transcriber currently available. It’s amazing — you get accurate captions for every app in your phone. Live captioning is available for every podcast, video and clip you download.

This uses a battery. It uses battery mainly when it is actively analyzing audio and, to a lesser degree, when it sits idle. It will notify you every time it runs. You can disable the notification to save battery life if you don’t like this feature. The idea is that you simply tap the volume button to activate the feature. When you’re done, you can press the button again to turn it off.

Notable is also the fact that captions can be repositioned. If they get in the way of your view, you can drag them to a better place and continue watching. To quickly remove the captions, drag them to the bottom.

Unfortunately, captions won’t work in video or phone calls. Google has modified their Phone app to comply with wiretapping laws. They still work with any app that creates audio on your phone.

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