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Global Cyber university is a place for students who are interested in studying. Learn more about admissions, tuition and the acceptance rate.

This university, just like the word “Global”, is an international community that trains students to think globally and find solutions to problems facing humanity and the Earth.

Popular Korean Jungkook declared that he had graduated from Global Cyber University in March 2022 with the highest honor, the ‘President’s Award. He was a student at the Broadcasting & Entertainment division of the university. K-pop’s idol could not attend the graduation ceremony, but he sent a video in which he accepted the Presidential Award.

This article will cover everything you need to know regarding Global Cyber University. It includes information about why Global Cyber University is a good choice, the acceptance rate, admission requirements, eligibility, how you can apply and what tuition and living expenses are.

Global Cyber University – Study

Global Cyber University

Global Cyber University (GCU), a Global Cyber University, is an institution that focuses on the Hongik ideal. It is also known internationally as BTS University overseas. Six of the seven members of global sensations, BTS were students at Global Cyber University.

Global Cyber University believes education is key to how people live their lives. Therefore, they want to share the deep meaning of Korean culture with the world.

The way of studying has also changed to accommodate individual needs. Advanced studies have become more accessible and easy to do.

Global Cyber University aims to provide the same accessibility as other online universities. This allows students to take advantage of the many benefits of e-education. They promote Hallyu culture (or K-Culture), around the globe.

Why should I choose Global Cyber University?

Global Cyber University is a university that aims to promote cultural advancement and information in the world.

Global Cyber University also aims to empower people to harness their talents to benefit the entire world and live the Hongik ideal.

Global Cyber University encourages creativity through popular culture and art, and helps people connect with the rest of the world.

It promotes Korean culture through it and spreads Hallyu through them.

Global Cyber University believes that education is as important as the smartphone or TV show you watch.

Global Cyber University aims to share the deep meaning of Korean culture with the world. This can be achieved through internet-based education and the digital technology that makes it possible for everyone to get an education regardless of their financial status and lifestyle.

A growing number of older adults are also looking for additional education to enhance their careers and knowledge.

As they adjust to their individual needs, the way that people learn has changed. Advanced studies became easier and more accessible.

Global Cyber University is a new online university that offers the same accessibility as other universities.

Internet-based education can lead to isolation of students. While some universities may have student classrooms that interact with one another, many cyber students are not able to make contact with other students.

Global Cyber University’s goal is to build connections between people for humanity’s benefit.

Global Cyber University encourages students to connect with their peers even though they may live on opposite sides of the globe.

What does Global Cyber University rank for?

Global Cyber University is highly regarded for its ability help people to develop their talents and reach the full potential of their abilities.

These lessons have been transformed into a dynamic personal growth system that allows people all over the globe to live better lives.

GCU was awarded the “Emotional Labour Healing 365Campaign Award” in July 2018. This award recognizes excellence and has been continuously running for the past four years by Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency.

Global Cyber University is accredited?

Yes, Global Cyber University has been accredited by the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology as a university offering 4-year courses. It is also accredited as a Cyber University under the Higher Education Act.

Global Cyber University – Study

What is the Acceptance Rate for Global Cyber University?

Global Cyber University has a 96.3 percent acceptance rate. This is a high acceptance rate, and applicants to the university have a better chance of being admitted.

The Cyber Universities in Korea had the third highest number of freshmen intakes for the academic year 2010.

What programs does Global Cyber University offer?

Global Cyber University is a worldwide professional institution that offers higher education in 21st-century technology. It has programs that assist students to discover and nurture their cultural talents.

In order to accomplish this mission, they plan to make themselves an alma mater at the heart of global cultural exchange.

This is what they aim to do through the following programs.

Counselling Psychology

Brain Education Convergence

Sports & Health

Coaching in Brain-Based Emotions

Practical English

AI Convergence

Convergence Contents

Entertainment & Media

Convergence Management

Oriental Studies

Interdisciplinary- Major

Dementia Care

Global K-Culture

How do I get admission into Global Cyber University?

Global Cyber University accepts Korean applicants. All courses can also be taught in Korean.

Language proficiency is not required.

It is important to be able to speak and understand Korean. This will enable you to get the most out of your classes, assignments, and exams.

Here are the requirements for admission to First Year, Second Year Transfer and Third Year Transfer students

Admission Requirements for First-Year Students

High school graduation (or expected to graduate)

A candidate who has passed the high school equivalent test

A law recognizes an applicant as possessing the equivalent educational level to the above.

Admission Requirements for Second-Year Students

Candidates who have completed college or are expected to do so are considered to have the same educational background as the law.

Candidates who have completed at most two semesters of college, and earned 35 credits or more.

Credit Recognition Act applicants who have earned at least 35 credits.

Admission Requirements for Third-Year Students

Candidates who have completed college or are expected to do so are considered to have the educational equivalent under the law.

Candidates who have completed at most four semesters of college, and earned 70 credits or more, are eligible

Credit Recognition Act applicants who have earned at least 70 credits.

Eligibility for Special and General Admissions

Special admissions will only be granted to students whose conditions and life experience (career) conform to certain guidelines.

To be admitted to special admissions, applicants who meet the above requirements must comply with the following conditions:

Transfer students eligible

Once the associate department has reviewed and submitted the transcripts from the college, credit will be accepted.

Students who transfer to second-year college can get up to 35 credits, while students who transfer to third-year college can get up to 70 credits.

Credits are accepted depending on the field of study at the transfer university and the field of the previous university.

Acceptance of course notes is not possible. Only credit for courses is accepted.

Restricted credits that aren’t recognized as primary or cultural elective credit are considered general elective credit.

How to apply for admission to a Global Cyber University

The procedures for registration are followed

Students must pay tuition fees after enrolling in semester courses. They can cancel or modify the courses only during the course correction period.

Submit Online Application:

Complete the application form and save it.

Pay the application fee (KRW 30 000)

Complete the Academic Aptitude and Study Plan questionnaires

Document requirements:

Transcripts of all years for high school (Translated, notarized)

You may have graduated from different countries for high school, middle school or elementary school.

All official transcripts (elementary, middle, and high school) must be submitted.

Official High School Diploma (Translated & Notarized).

Official Agreement for Academic Credits and Enrollment (Attached File)

Academic History Verification Report/The Verification of Apostille

For more information on the Academic History Verification Report, please contact the embassy or consulate of the applicant or education-related public institutions.

A photo of the applicant in 3×4 inches

Download the Online GCU Application Form

Photocopy of passport


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