HometechnologyClearing the cache on Samsung TV

Clearing the cache on Samsung TV

The modern TV looks more like a mini computer. Even the most basic games can be played on your TV.

Clearing out the Samsung TV’s app cache can solve many problems.

Why clean your cache?

Caches are temporary files that applications use to store and optimize programs within the computer technology industry.

These files reduce application loading times and speed up their overall performance. They store information in the forms of search histories, thumbnails and temporarily saved clips.

This feature can help you save a lot of space. These files do not need to be saved forever and can be deleted at anytime.

Clearing the cache Samsung TV

Technology device users who use their devices frequently will need to clear their caches from time to time. You should do the same with your Samsung TVs.

These instructions work regardless of which model Samsung TV you have. All you need is the remote control.

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Click on the Homebutton
  • Next you will need to open Option
  • Choose the Option
  • Open System Application
  • Next, select the app you want to delete from its cache
  • Click “Clear cache”.
  • Click on OK to confirm.
  • Clearing your cache may take a while

Not all caches can easily be deleted at once

This can be a great way to check if you need to update your programs. It is also a great way to delete or find programs that are no longer needed.

What are some of the benefits to clearing cache?

We’ve already talked about the benefits of clearing cache memory.

  • You will notice an increase in your TV’s speed.
  • Clearing the cache is the best way to protect your device from malware.
  • You will see a significant improvement in the performance and speed of your browser.

These benefits are only a small part of the many that cache cleaning can bring.

How do you delete cookies from your Samsung TV

Clearing out cache and cookies can be done if the TV is already clean.

  • Turn on your Samsung Smart TV
  • Next, push the Home button from the remote control
  • Open Settings
  • Select Broadcast
  • In the Broadcasting menu, locate Expert Setting and click on it.
  • Next you’ll need to choose HbbTV Set
  • Select Delete Browsing Data From This List
  • You will be asked if you consent to the deletion cookies
  • To confirm, click on Yes
  • Please take a moment and complete the process.

This is just as important as the cache files.


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