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A great skincare routine that includes medical-grade products can result in significant epidermal and dermal improvements. Infinity provides medical skin care as an essential support to all of our treatments. It helps with quicker recovery and longer-lasting results.



Every molecule is not created equal.

The CosMedix Elite and CosMedix Elite skincare products are the foundation for skin rejuvenation and cell regeneration.

Science backs every formulation. CosMedix uses only chirally-correct substances, which means that their formulas are filtered to contain only molecules that positively interact with skin. What is the result? The result? Less irritation, and more effective formulas that can bring about real change.

COSMEDIX Elite products have no prescription and offer maximum efficiency. This product is only allowed to be used in medical clinics.

CosMedix offers a variety of peels that can be used to quickly address skin issues, rather than just using skincare products.

Rescue is one of the many wonderful products in the CosMedix line. Rescue is a soothing shea oil that contains a blend of cherry bark extract and willow herb. This can quickly restore your skin’s health and is great for laser treatment recovery.

CosMedix products can be used as vegan and cruelty-free.


“Clinically Brilliant”

ASPECT DR, an Australian company, creates skincare products that support the skin. This advanced skincare line is specifically designed to address individual skin issues. This range combines cutting-edge technology with active ingredients to protect your most valuable asset.

The ASPECT DR skin peels address skin issues faster than just using skincare products.

ASPECT SUN is also available. This collection includes broad-spectrum sunscreens with results-driven ingredients that will enhance your day. These sunscreens are lightweight, ultra-hydrating and quick absorbing.

Only medical clinics can offer this cosmeceutical-grade range of skin care products.

ASPECT DR products can be used without cruelty and are vegan.



This innovative, botanically-based skincare line is committed to creating highly effective, clinically-validated skincare products which deliver visible skin improvements.

IS CLINICAL’s innovative line of skincare products is well-known for producing long-lasting, exceptional results. These products can be used for treating aging, sun-damaged, hyperpigmentation, acne, and rosacea.

These products encourage and accelerate natural exfoliation, circulation, and cellular renewal processes.

The IS CLINICAL range contains higher-level active ingredients that ensure maximum effectiveness without the need for a prescription. This product is only allowed to be used in medical clinics.


New paradigm in skincare.

SkinBetter Science is a medical clinic that only offers a limited number of award-winning products.

SkinBetter Science employs cutting-edge science to create breakthrough formulations. Safety, efficacy and trust are the top priorities. Expect to see results that are far beyond your expectations.

SkinBetter products not only provide benefits but also offer a luxurious experience. Each SkinBetter product was created to deliver results.

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