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What does SX-Flood refer to?

SX-Flood is an open-source, downloadable social media exchanger. You can increase your likes on facebook by liking other pages in exchange. This software automates this process and does so in a way no human can. If you leave the software alone overnight, you will see new likes to your facebook pages the next day. It is easy to ask the question “How can I increase my facebook likes?”. This open-source software answers that question.

What does it look like from the inside?

It’s basically the same site 9hits. This allows you to like your Facebook page. Use the system. Facebook may ban you or block you if you use a proxy.

Where is it running?

At the time of writing, it will run on Windows, Linux and Macintosh. But, I will ask the admin/owner to allow it to run on Android to enable you to automatically like on mobile phones. This will allow me to earn more points to get more Facebook likes while I’m asleep.

This is the right youtube bot at the moment. It is best to use this on a dummy YouTube account.

My Status With Them

I am Premium and can be upgraded by the administrator/owner at no cost.


PROS: Using facebook bots or youtube robots, you can now increase your views, followership and likes without any cost.

CONS: It is nothing. It is a system and not proxies. It will ban/block accounts because it uses your IP address.

This Tool Is A Must

This tool will increase your facebook and youtube views, likes, dislikes, comments, subscriptions, and subscriptions. It is free for life.


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