HomenewsHead to Head: 2008 Infiniti G37 and 2007 BMW 335i

Head to Head: 2008 Infiniti G37 and 2007 BMW 335i

Take four: It’s the fourth installment of the classic conflict between east versus west, old money vs new, youth vs beauty.

The trailers and posters make the movie look predictable and formulaic. This is because the cars are the same generation as those in the sedan version that met just 10 months ago. Let us persuade your to read the plot synopsis. These stylish coupes were made with much more thought than just a rear-door-ectomy or judicious stops in the hair- and makeup trailer. For example, each model has a different engine. The BMW is motivated by a new twin-turbo six, which produces 300 horsepower and 300 pound-feet. This is enough to overcome the 3’s performance loss against the G, in their previous two encounters. Infiniti retaliated by revving its 3.5-liter VQ 6 to 3.7 liters. The combination of a sophisticated variable timing system and lift system gives the G37 coupe a 10 percent advantage in horsepower, but a similar decrease in torque to the 335i. The clever 4-Wheel Active Steering system is also available in our Infiniti, but it was not installed on our previous sedan. Could this casting choice have allowed the BMW’s dynamically impressive performance to surpass its Japanese counterpart, which is better performing, larger, and more expensive? Will chassis gizmology and power be enough to change the game?

“Take Four” is now available in a limited edition

This is not a plot device, but it’s a different comparison. Coupes are so different from sedans. Their designers have little to no pretension to practicality and are allowed to seduce potential buyers’ emotional right brains. This is why these two-doors share very little in common with their more sensible siblings. Comparing the BMW sedans, it is 2.4 inches shorter and 1.8 inches higher than the Infiniti, while the Infiniti is 2 inches wider and lower. Each offers more cargo and passenger space, but each makes clear concessions to form rather than function.

Each case has a sleek, slim, and eye-catching design that speaks volumes about the car’s personality. The G37 looks like a Japanese calligrapher’s brush stroke gesture drawing brought to life. It is minimally embellished with ornamentation and distracting cut lines. Scott Mortara, a young Californian tester, was attracted to the J-pop appeal. For this Midwestern middle-lifer, the BMW’s classic proportions and poised-to–pounce stance and menacing, four-eyed face were more appealing. These personality traits are carried over to the interiors. Wood veneers and soft, double-stitched skin are used liberally in the BMW’s established cockpit. The Infiniti, on the other hand, gets aluminum trim with a Japanese washi paper finish and violet mood lighting. Few coupe buyers will want to transport adults back in their cars. The BMW is much more accommodating for these carpoolers. The Infiniti is 0.8 inches taller than the BMW. However, the roof of the Infiniti rises above the driver’s head and then drops dramatically through the rear environment. This cuts 1.6 inches from the BMW’s head clearance figure. The 335i offers ample head-and legroom for those under six feet. It also has amenities such as a center armrest and A/C vents. Reading lights and excellent outward visibility, which is not something our Infiniti provides. G37’s low, bobbed rear limits trunk space to 7.4 cubic feet. This is 6.1 less than the G sedan’s trunk and 3.7 more than the Bimmer coupe.

Barber Motorsports Park is the place where all this action takes place. It’s a spectacular 2.4-mile circuit with 80 feet of elevation gain and 16 turns through lush green landscape. Infiniti rented the space to host its first extensive drive. The G37 handles well on this fast track with little roll. It also feels very capable. (S models only) The G37’s massive 13.8-inch front brakes and 13.8 inch rear brakes can withstand multiple laps of high speed. The new stick for the six-speed manual model’s six-speed model snitches through the gears with the exact same precision that we enjoyed in our last-gen 3 Series but missed in our long-term test car. A BMW 335i coupe with an automated transmission is available for comparison. However, before we can get to it, one of our drivers has heated the oil to 300F degrees. This triggers an extended stop that stops the car.


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