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2021 BMW M4 vs 2020 BMW M4 – How do They Compare Visually

We are drawn to the new BMW M4 as soon as we see it. The car almost looks like it is ready to devour asphalt and pounce on us at any time. The obvious dual kidney grilles are also visible, which has been a source of a lot more hate online. However, it works well with the aggressive appearance. The BMW shield is almost unchanged.

A Sharper Rear

BMW engineers used the same aggressive thinking when designing the M4’s rear. Although the overall shape is unchanged, the M4’s rear end features a more compact and narrower taillight design. The BMW M4 is distinguished from other cars by its distinctive light signature. Lower down, the diffuser occupies more space and can accommodate larger exhaust tips.

A Sleek Silhouette

The profile of the new M4 is slimmer. This car is more straight-lined and has a less rounded profile than its predecessor. You will also notice black elements in the lower portion of this sports car. This is likely part of the Blackline package.

Modern Interiors

The iconic sports car’s interior has seen a lot of changes. Everything is now different, from the steering wheel to the central touchscreen. The digital cluster replaces the outdated dashboard from the previous model. You will also notice the new center console and seats.

Individual and M Performance Parts Available Already:

2021 BMW M3 and M4 Gain Center Exhaust and Other M Performance Parts

The new BMW M4 will be available in the US starting at $71,800. The BMW M4 Competition is available at $74,700.

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