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2020 BMW M4 Reviews, Photos, And More

The 2020 BMW M4 premium sports car is available in a coupe or convertible configuration. The M4 was introduced for the first time in 2014. The 2020 model features a powerful 3.0L twin-turbo straight-6 engine that generates 424 horsepower. It offers four-seat comfort and a solid driving experience.

The M4 is a high-performance vehicle that can take on twisty roads and spend the weekend at your local circuit. The standard M4 has a six-speed manual transmission. If you are a true driving enthusiast, the seven-speed dual-clutch auto is also available.

We do not currently have any 2020 BMW M4s for sale, but we hope to sell more. You might also be interested in previous model years of the BMW M4 that have similar features if you like the 2020 model.

Here are the average prices of BMW M4 models prior to 2004.

  • 2015 – Average CarMax Price Less Than $41,000 1
  • 2016 – Average CarMax Price Less Than $43,500 1

Here’s what the 2020 BMW M4 Review will reveal:

  • Key Features & Specs
  • Rankings
  • Why to Buy
  • What you need to know
  • Related Vehicles
  • The Bottom Line

Key Features & Specifications


  • The 2020 BMW M4 comes with a 3.0L twin-turbo six cylinder engine and seven speed automatic transmission. It is estimated to get an EPA-estimated 19 mpg.

Cargo Space:

  • The 2020 BMW M4 convertible offers 13.1 cubic feet of trunk storage.
  • 2020 BMW M3 coupes offer 15.7 cubic feet of trunk room.

Maximum Seating Capacity

  • The 2020 BMW M4 can seat up to four people.

Engine Options

  • 2020 BMW M4 only offers a 3.0L twin turbo straight six engine with 424 horsepower.

Tech Features:

  • 2020 BMW M4s are equipped with an 8.8-inch touchscreen, which integrates with the BMW iDrive infotainment systems.
  • Apple CarPlay(r), SiriusXM (r) satellite radios are standard.
  • Standard equipment includes a Harman/Kardon(r), 16-speaker, 600-watt Harman/Kardon(r), audio system.
  • Standard driver-assist tools include forward-collision alarm and automated emergency brake with standard lane departure warning.
  • 360-degree camera system, self-parking assistance.

Five Reasons to Buy


BMWs all have well-designed and elegant interiors, but the M models are more performance-oriented. 2020 M4s come with competition sport seats that are well bolstered and designed to keep you in your seat while you drive or visit the track. Standard interior colors include black cloth, but leather can be ordered in ten other colors, including three two-tone options. These range from Sonoma Beige through Silverstone to Sakhir Orange. The premium interior design of the M4s is completed with interior trim accents like aluminum, anthracite and carbon fiber.


BMW M cars are synonymous with speed, power, and the 2020 M4 is no different. The 3.0L straight-six engine in all 2020 BMW M4s is forced-fed by two turbochargers. The standard output of the 2020 BMW M4 is 424 horsepower, while the Competition package produces 444 horsepower. The M4’s engine is not just powerful; it also has an oil sump specially engineered to keep the engine properly lubricated at the track.


There are eleven color options for the M4: BMWs can be dressed in any color, but it’s important to let people know that the M4 is a sport-injected M car. There are specific BMW colors for vehicles like the 2020 M4. The M4 is limited to four colors: Sakhir Orange, Austin Yellow and Yas Marina Blue.


You can choose between a classic sport coupe with fixed roof and a convertible with an auto folding soft-top. The coupe is more for those who are more serious about driving. However, the fixed roof gives you more stability and rigidity to drive aggressively. You can drop the top of the M4 convertible with just a push of a button. This allows you to feel the wind blowing through your hair while you cruise down canyon roads.


You don’t have to compromise on the latest driver-assist technology just because you own a sports car. The 2020 BMW M4 comes with driver-assist tools that will keep you and your car in tune with traffic. Standard features include forward-collision warning with automatic emergency brake and lane departure warning. The Executive package includes a 360-degree camera and a feature that will park your car automatically, eliminating the need to worry about parallel parking situations.


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