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15 Funny Snapchat Stickers Worth 99+ Million Views

Snapchat stickers are a fun and creative way to personalise your stories or snaps. There are many Snapchat stickers available. You can also add Bitmoji icons to your Snapchat or create a star GIF that speaks more than words. You can even create your own snap stickers!

The funny Snapchat stickers have revolutionised the way Snapchat users text. The stickers allow teens to express themselves in a way that words cannot. Snapchat stickers can be used to express your feelings about a bad joke or a perfect quote in your snap.

This article will discuss the 15 best Snapchat stickers and show you how to add one to your Snapchat. As an added bonus, you’ll also learn how to add stickers to your videos with Wondershare Filmora.

Part 1: 15 Funny Snapchat Stickers That You Need to Know

Snapchat is known for its creative and fun features. Snapchat is the best for personalising stories and drawing over snaps. Snapchat stickers are the best for funny stickers. Although it was difficult to choose the most funny Snapchat stickers, we were able to find some that would get you rolling on your floor laughing.

1.Smells fishy

This snap sticker is funny in its own right. This snap sticker is best suited for situations that sound suspicious on Snapchat. Perhaps a stranger asks you to join their Snapchat streak. You see your friends acting strangely in their Snapchat stories? This hilarious Snapchat sticker is great for when you smell something fishy.

2.Whaaa eeh? ?

This snap sticker is the perfect one to relate to our blank situation. This sticker is hilarious when it’s used in witty situations. This sticker can be used to your advantage.

3. Dump the dirt

This is hands down the best Snapchat sticker. This smile is infectious. This Snapchat sticker is a fun way to start a gossip session that will never end. This sticker can be placed in the Snapchat inbox of a friend to let them know that you are ready to share your gossip.

To meme or not meme

Mamma Mia, I love this sticker. This Snapchat sticker is funny because it represents a bad Shakespeare pun. This sticker can be used in your snaps as a cover-up for a bad joke. Your friends may throw you out the window.

5.You ma QUEEN

This Snapchat sticker is funny and adorable, and it perfectly represents most love situations. One text from your queen, and your mind will create romantic scenarios that are unlikely to ever happen. This cute snap sticker can make your honeybunch feel extra special.

It’s all good

This Snapchat sticker is ironic and best describes situations when you are trying to keep your head above the water. This sticker can be used to describe your situation when a friend on social media asks.

7. What is the dude’s behaviour?

This hilarious Snapchat sticker will make your Snapchat friends laugh. It’s a ridiculous situation that most of us find ourselves in every day. It’s like asking for a shampoo bottle when you shower, and then getting the same bottle with water.

8. Your smug smile

This Snapchat sticker features a jerry that represents the one friend from every team who is the “smart soul”. This sticker will be a great way to share your smartness with your friends.

9. It was not an offence, but it was quite pathetic

The face you make when someone makes a terrible joke. This Snapchat sticker looks just like our Yikes face. Use this Snapchat sticker to tell someone your joke was funny without making them mad.

10. I’m not crying, you’re just crying

It is one of my favourite Snapchat stickers. It’s a great way to express your emotions when you are overwhelmed or just can’t stop crying (certainly tears of joy). Imagine that a friend sent you a text with 100 reasons why I love them. It left you stunned. This sticker is the best you can find to gift your friend.

Pro-tip: Open your Snapchat and snap a picture. Add one of these snap stickers to make it funny. You can also draw over the snap or customise it. Voila! You just created a Snapchat Masterpiece.

Part 2: How to add a sticker to Snapchat

You’re new to Snapchat or perhaps you are just a little confused about how the funny Snapchat stickers work. Here’s a quick tutorial with pictures that will help you add shine to your “too mainstream” snap stories.


Log in to Snapchat and launch the app. This will take you to the front camera view.


The shutter is located in the middle of the screen, at the bottom. You can take a photo with your back camera or toggle the camera button for a cute selfie.


After you take a photo, a toolbar with six options will appear in the right corner. To open the sticker page, tap the third icon. It looks like a page with a corner turned up.


Swipe up to browse through the various stickers or click on one until you find it. To add the sticker to your snap, tap on it.


Drag the sticker to the desired location by touching it. You can also adjust the size of the sticker by pinching your thumb and finger.


Once you have your sticker in place, click the blue button at the bottom of the screen to post your snap.

Bonus Tip: Add a sticker to your video with Wondershare Filmora

Wondershare Filmora, a powerful yet intuitive video editing program with intuitive tools, is versatile. You can create eye-catching videos with its many filters, animated elements and graphic overlays. Filmora’s user-friendly interface is great for beginners. It also allows you to combine multiple images and videos seamlessly to create unique visual stories.

You’re probably familiar with videos that have a sticker on them. But how do they work? Did they did it? You can now stop asking because I’ll show you “how” to use Wondershare Filmora as a video editor.

1.Start Wondershare Filmora by creating a “New Project.” Next, click on the File menu and select Import Media Files. To import your video and sticker, choose Import Media Files.

2. Drag and drop the media files onto the timeline. Place the sticker and video on track 1, as shown below.

3.Hit the Image button and then go to Transform. Adjust the elements to perfectly fit your sticker.

4. Once the sticker has been adjusted, click the Export button to convert your video. The video can be exported to your smartphone, local drive or YouTube.

You can add face-tracking AR stickers for Filmora versions V10.5 or higher.

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to add AR stickers to Filmora.

Scroll down to the AR Stickers tab.

Drag and preview AR stickers to the video. You can also preview the final result in the preview window.


That’s it. Are you ready to make a SNAPSTERPIECE using these hilarious Snapchat stickers?

Snapchat has made messaging more fun than ever with its best Snapchat stickers. Although Snapchat may not have the most unique filters and lenses on social media, it does offer a wide range of quirky stickers. Use the stickers to enhance photos or add bizarre GIFs to messages to make your Snapchat stand out.

These snap stickers are so easy to use that there is no way back.

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