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What is an ARW file?

How to open, edit and convert ARW files

A file containing the ARW extension is a Sony Alpha RAW. It is based on the file format. It is comparable to other RAW files of Sony cameras like SR2 or SRF.

Raw image formats simply mean that the file has not been compressed or modified in any way. It is the original raw format it was in when it was first captured by the camera.

Sony RAW files are more popular, but an ARW file could be an ArtStudio Scene.

How to open an ARW file

Sony RAW files can be opened with various graphics programs. Microsoft Windows Photos and Windows Live Photo Gallery, are two examples.

A number of other graphic programs, such as Adobe Photoshop Elements and Able RAWer or Adobe Photoshop Elements can also open them, including ImageMagick and Adobe Photoshop Elements.

You may need to install Sony Raw Driver depending on your Windows version before you can use built-in image viewers such as Photo Gallery to view the file.

It can also be uploaded to the Raw.pics.io site to view or edit it in your browser, without having to have a dedicated opener installed.

An ARW file that is an ArtStudio Scene can be opened using ArtStudio.

How to Convert an ARW file

Open a Sony RAW Image file in any of the above-mentioned programs to convert it. For example, Photoshop can convert an ARW image to RAW, TIFF or PSD, TGA and many other formats using the File > Safe As menu.

You can convert the file from raw.pics.io to PNG.

Adobe DNG Conversion is a tool that Windows and Mac can use to convert ARW into DNG.

You can also convert this file using a free converter such as ARWViewer, Zamzar. You first need to upload your image to Zamzar. Then you can convert it to PDF or TIFF .

ArtStudio’s > export menu will allow you to save your ARW file as a HTML, JPG or PNG file. The scene can be exported as an SCR SWF or animated GIF.

Are you still having trouble opening the file?

You might be misreading the numbers or letters that follow the file name and this could explain why the file won’t open. You might have misunderstood the file name extension to look like ARW. This could mean that you are confusing a different format file for it. It should be opened in a completely different program.

Your file could have the.RAR extension file extension. This looks very similar to ARW, but it only works with Clickteam Fusion because some files that use this file extension are MultiMedia Fusion files.

This is true for XAR files that are created using Microsoft Excel. GRD files and ARD are two other examples.

If you discover that you don’t have an ARW file in your computer, you can search the file extension on Lifewire or Google to find out more about it and what programs can open or convert it.

  • How can I view an ARW file on my Mac?
    Select the ARW file in Finder and then choose Info. Select Open with set Preview. To preview ARW files on a Mac, you can download Imaging Edge Desktop by Sony.
  • Why can’t Lightroom import my Sony ARW files?
    To ensure your Sony camera is supported, first check the list supported by Adobe Camera Raw. Next, ensure you have the latest version of Lightroom. If necessary, install any updates. Log out of Lightroom if you are still having trouble opening the file. To complete the update, log back in.


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