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What do baby bed bugs look like?

Bed Bug Development

Nymphs are baby bed bugs. Bed bugs go through three stages of development . They start as eggs and hatch into nymphs. Then they moult five more times to become adults.

These pests lay their eggs in the hidden areas of mattresses, behind headboards, couches, and other objects that are close to sleeping quarters. In six to ten days, the eggs turn into tiny, white, sesame-sized baby bed bugs.

The moults occur five times before they become adults. Each moult requires a blood meal. Nymphs can live without blood for as long as three to six months.

What do baby bed bugs look like?

Full-grown bed bugs measure approximately the same size as an apple seed. They are dark brown or reddish in colour. A baby bed bug looks similar to an adult. Although they are tiny, they can be seen to the naked eye and grow larger each time they moult.

Where do baby bed bugs live?

The same harbourage sites are used by baby bed bugs as for adults. They can hide in many places, including the basement of a home.

The flat nature of the pests makes it difficult to find them because they can hide in tight places. The following are common places homeowners may find nymphs or eggs:

  • Box springs, mattress crevices and furniture
  • Hinter picture frames, headboards or baseboards
  • Peeling wallpaper
  • In electrical outlets or cracks on flooring

Pests usually become active at night and prefer areas near people’s beds. They are attracted by the heat, smell and carbon dioxide produced by their hosts.

Are Baby Bed Bugs Biting?

A nymph must eat blood from the moment it hatches. This is necessary for it to live, develop, and moult into the next stage. A baby bed bug bites people because of this.

The insects can live for several weeks without eating as they develop. Bed bugs eat more often and for shorter periods than adults, but they are less likely to be bitten.


Before you bring any second-hand furniture or clothing into your home, make sure to inspect it for bed bugs. After a stay at an infested hotel, the pests can also be brought into your home by personal items or luggage.

For safe and effective removal, homeowners who find eggs, adults or baby bed bugs should contact Orkin Canada.


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