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Five Options for Gorgeous Floating Bed Frames

We have listed our top floating bed frames, as well as where to buy them online. The supports are hidden underneath the frames to create the illusion that the bed frame is floating above the ground. Your bedroom will be unique and modern with floating beds. If you don’t find the bed that suits your needs or budget, you can also make your own floating beds from scratch using a variety of tutorials available on Youtube.

What is a floating mattress frame?

A floating bed frame refers to a bed that seems to rise above the ground. The floating bed frame gives off a modern minimalist aesthetic and adds an airy feel to a space. You can find floating beds in woodworking tutorials on Youtube. Floating beds were added to the product lines of many companies after these tutorials gained popularity.

Are floating beds stable?

Yes, floating bed frames are as strong as standard ones. Although it may appear to be floating above ground, floating beds have strong supports. Because it is hidden within the shadows of a frame, you cannot see the support.

What does it mean for a floating bed frame to “float”?

Although it appears that a floating bed hovers above the ground, it is actually not. The support system is hidden in the shadows, towards the middle of the bed. The support system is hidden from the eye, so the bed appears to hover above the ground.

1. Floyd Floating Bed Frame

The Floyd bed frame has become a very popular floating bed. It is Japanese, minimalist and allows you to lie low on the ground, almost floating in the air. The Floyd bed is very easy to assemble. You can simply snap the pieces together, and then add a headboard or matching furniture pieces. You can choose from two different colours to match most room styles. We love the Floyd floating bed.

2. Nexera Floating Platform Bed

The unique design of the bed gives the room an airy feeling. The bed’s unique design includes a metal and hardwood slat construction that allows for simple assembly and easy handling.

3. The Malibu Floating Mattress Frame

We love handcrafted solid wood. Socially responsible and eco-friendly.

PRICE: Starting at 3,699


Avocado mattresses are known for being organic and solid wood bed frames. The Malibu floating mattress is made of solid wood and available in a natural finish. Avocado’s latest addition to their furniture collection is the Malibu floating bed. It seems to be their response to the overwhelming demand for floating beds frames. The bed frame is low to and can be purchased with matching side tables.

4. The Nordik Floating Platform bed

We love this floating bed. Simple design.

Amazon offers a wide range of floating bed frames. The Nordik is an excellent choice if you’re looking for something more affordable. Although it has a similar design to the Avocado floating bed, the Nordik is more affordable. Although you won’t get the same quality materials or craftsmanship, the Nordik will give you the exact same look at a fraction of its overall cost.

5. DIY Floating Bed Frame

Get rid of your old bed set

You will likely need to dispose of your old bed frame if you plan on purchasing a new one. Many online retailers will take your old items away when you receive your new bed frame. We offer mattress and bed set recycling and removal services. To date, A Bedder World has recycled more than 500K mattresses. Book a Pick-up Online and place your items outside before 8 AM. We will then come and collect them.

There are very few floating bed frames on the market today. It is important to consider the cost range and the life expectancy of your bed. You get what you pay. While the most expensive sets will last years, the ones that are less expensive are likely to last only a few years. We recommend only companies that we trust and have a good reputation in the industry.


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