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Car AC Smells Like Vinegar? Here’s how to fix it

Cars can be expensive so make sure your car runs smoothly and has a pleasant odour. Bad odours can be produced in cars in many ways. One common example is when your car’s AC smells like vinegar.

Although it may seem odd, this is a common problem . Fortunately there are easy ways to eliminate the odour . Continue reading to learn how.

Your car’s AC smells like vinegar

Infiniti Camelback helps you understand why your car’s AC smells like vinegar. It’s not because someone poured vinegar into it. The odour is not caused by vinegar. If the smell persists after turning off your air conditioner, it is likely that you have an AC problem.

The cause of the vinegar smell is likely to be mould. Mould, also known as mildew or dust, can be caused when leaves or dust accumulate in the cabin’s air vents over the course of the year.

How to remove the vinegar-like odour from your car’s AC

There are easy DIY methods to eliminate the vinegar smell if mould or mildew is causing the smell. It is possible to resolve the problem by replacing your car’s filter.

You can also use an air conditioner cleaning product that has enzymes to eliminate the odour and prevent it from coming back.

You should take your car to the mechanic to have your air conditioner repaired . If you don’t know how to fix it, or are unsure of what to do, a mechanic will help you pinpoint the source.

What can you do to prevent unpleasant odours from entering your vehicle?

You might think it is possible to remove a car odour yourself but it may be more beneficial to prevent odours from ever entering your vehicle.

Regular maintenance is the best way for your car to smell fresh and prevent any odours from developing. An easy replacement of your air filter can stop your AC from becoming stale or worse.

Keep your car’s interior clean and free from any messes to keep it smelling fresh. To prevent lingering odours from spreading, clean up any food or drinks you have consumed in your car.

These simple steps can help keep your car smelling fresh.

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