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Ulta Beauty Record Record Record Sales Up 40%, Profits Up 461%

Ulta Beauty’s full-year financial report has been released. It shows a 40.3% rise in net sales for fiscal 2020. According to the company’s financial reports, the company achieved record sales for both the entire year as well as Q4. The net profit amounted to $985.8million. That’s 461% higher than last year’s $175.8million. Shelley E. Kohan Senior contributor

February 3, 2022

Ulta Beauty invests 50 million in DEI Initiatives 2022

Ulta Beauty has revealed its commitment to diversity, equity and inclusive initiatives in 2022. The company has committed $50,000,000 in support of its commitment to the four categories. Shelley E. Kohan Senior contributor

Dec 24, 2021

This is beauty: Wall Street still loves Ulta.

No pandemic. People want their best. It’s not surprising that Ulta, one of the largest beauty companies in the world, is still thriving. Grace L. Williams Contributor

Dec 3, 2021

Ulta Beauty Delivers Record-breaking Sales of $2 Billillion in Third Quarter

Ulta Beauty’s Third Quarter Earnings (Q3) were record breaking with sales rising by 28.6% to $2 billion, compared to last fiscal year. Shelley E. Kohan Senior contributor

October 27, 2021

These are the retailers that will have actual inventory for this holiday season

Black Friday deals were a popular option for shoppers who worried about their loved one’s Christmas presents. This was due to publicized supply chain issues. Target, Ulta beauty and Best Buy are confident they will have enough stock for holiday shoppers. Shelley E. Kohan Senior contributor

Sep 22, 2021

Ulta Beauty extends its commitment for DEI initiatives in beauty industry

Ulta Beauty is proud to announce the MUSE 100 initiative. This celebration honors 100 of most influential Black beauty voices. It honors industry leaders, such as brand founders and authors, activists, makeup artists, and journalists. Shelley E. Kohan Senior Author

Jul 19, 2021

Mixed Earnings Trend could Bring Ulta Beauty Stock down to $300

Ulta Beauty Inc. stock rose more than 20% in one year. Ulta Beauty stock is $341 per share. We think there could be a 10% downturn. This is why? Ulta Beauty stock has increased 1.5x since 2017, and we believe this is why. Trefis Team Contributor

May 30, 2021

America Loves Ulta Beauty As Sales Skyrocket 65%

Ulta Beauty is America’s largest beauty retailer and remains a popular choice for American consumers. In Q1 2021, sales increased by 65.2% compared to last. Shelley E. Kohan Senior contributor

Mar 15, 2021

Consumer Trends and Post Pandemic – In Conversation with Dave Kimbell (Incoming Ulta Beauty Chief).

How has the pandemic changed the way consumers present themselves to the outside world after wearing masks, sweatpants, and Zoom phones for a year? Bridget Brennan Contributor

Mar 12, 2021

Ulta Beauty’s new CEO is optimistic about physical sales

Ulta Beauty remains focused on brick and mortar retail. The beauty company revealed that it will open 40 shops in the coming year. Kristin Larson Contributor


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