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The Best Grease Guns for 2022

Although a grease gun is an essential tool for home mechanics many drivers forget why they are needed. The grease guns are used to force heavy lubricant into the mechanical parts, most notably suspension components but also driveline systems that are exposed to extreme stress and friction. Chassis lubrication used to be a standard part of car maintenance in the past. It’s often forgotten today because automakers make cars with ball joints, steering knobs, and other components that are “lubricated to last.” However, these parts can sometimes fail, and aftermarket replacements may require greasing. Grease is also needed for farm implements, trailers and yard equipment, as well as some power tools.

Bravex is a heavy-duty product that can deliver grease at up to 6000 psi. It costs less than $250.00 and has a no-slip, non-slip canister grip. You can fill it with standard 14-ounce grease carts or a bulk container. The package also includes an 18-inch flexible hose and a 6-inch extension. Bravex’s customer support is highly praised by users. However, some users found the pistol grip action of this model too stiff and difficult to use. Others felt the instructions could have been more detailed and had trouble using the coupler.

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DeWalt is a well-known brand in power tools. Their cordless grease gun features the same brawn, features, and functionality that make them one of the top. However, this quality and utility come at a high price. The model comes with a 42-inch flexible hose that delivers grease at 10,000 psi to hard to reach places. It also includes an LED light to help locate them. The ease of loading grease cartridges was praised by users. They also found the battery to be durable and long-lasting. This cordless grease gun is ideal for professionals who require speed and professionalism.

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The ARES bargain-basement is very close to our top overall pick (the Bravex), feature for feature. You can fill it with bulk filling or 14 oz cartridges. The only problem with this model is the absence of a non-slip grip at the barrel. While some users complain about the quality of the build, others are happy with the installation. This model will provide the most basic greasing utility for the average user at an affordable price.

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To operate, pneumatic grease guns must be connected to an external compressor. This eliminates the need to use a lever or pistol grip to pump the grease. It also makes these guns more suitable for professional mechanics or well-equipped DIY garages. The pneumatic grease gun by Lincoln has excellent grease control thanks to a variable speed trigger. It also features a usefully long 31-inch flex hose. It can accept either 14 oz grease carts or bulk-fill. Although most Lincoln users were pleased with the Lincoln’s build quality, ease of use and functionality, some did point out mechanical assembly problems.

Miniature grease guns work in the same manner as larger counterparts, but take up less space in your toolbox. Slippery Pete uses 3 oz grease carts. It is small and lightweight so it can be stored almost anywhere. The grease can be delivered at up to 3000 psi. This is less than the standard sizes models, but should still suffice for most tasks. Some people complained that the grease cartridges didn’t fit in the gun well or the coupler wouldn’t release easily from grease fittings.

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Amazon’s top-selling grease guns


  • Bravex pistol grip grease gun is well-known in the lubrication equipment industry, and the choice of millions worldwide.
  • A chrome-plated canister is a high quality grease gun that is 5 times anticorrosion. It is easy to clean and doesn’t scratch easily, making it super durable.
  • The plunger’s 3-way fill design allows for bulk grease as well as cartridge use. The anti-aging fluorescent rubber O ring and plunger will not lose their softness after long storage.

$24.99 Amazon: Buy Partner Offer


  • The DEWALT grease gun is able to power through grease fittings that are clogged with a motor that can deliver up to 10,000 PSI
  • The battery grease gun’s high-volume pump can push up to 5.0 oz/min for high-flow applications.
  • The DEWALT 20V grease gun can be used to control the flow of grease using the variable speed trigger

$299.00 -$61.22 $237.78 Amazon: Buy Partner Offer


  • Work pressure: 7000 PSI
  • PROFESSIONAL QUALITY – This grease gun is heavy-duty and chrome-plated for long service life.
  • PISTOL GRAPH : Easy to use

$22.99 -$4.17 $18.82 Amazon: Buy Partner Offer


  • [(UPGRADED GREASE GUN] 8000psi Maximum working pressure guaranteed by an iron die-cast head and enhanced sealing
  • Pistol grip allows you to operate with just one hand. Yellow paint is easy-to-clean and find, rubber sleeves increase friction for safety.
  • [(Locking grease gun coupler)] Provides a smooth Push-Lock–Lubricate experience. 1 locking grease gun coupler and 1 flexible hose are included to eliminate the frustration of grease gun fitting locking.

$24.97 Amazon: Buy Partner Offer BESTSELLER NUMBER 5

  • Solid steel barrel construction, working pressure up to 7000 PSI
  • Included are a 18-inch flex hose, 2 reinforced couplers, 2 extension tubes made of metal and 1 sharp type nozzle
  • The barrel has a thick rubbery sleeve that provides extra grip for slippery situations.

$21.99 Amazon: Buy Partner Offer SALEBESTSELLER NUM. 6

  • The Motovecor pistol grip grease gun, 27 inch flex hose allows for easier zerk coupling in all positions. Use 1/8″ NPT Standard grease coupler
  • There are 3 ways to load grease: Standard 14 oz. Cartridge;Bulk Suction Fill;Filler / Dispenser Pump.
  • Canisters are leak-free because they are made with precision cold drawn steel tubes. This eliminates any potential for canister deformity. Internal leakages are eliminated by the patent-pending pump head high pressure plunger O ring.
  • Heavy duty steel barrels are solidly constructed


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