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These are the Seven Best Stevia-Free, Plant-Based Protein Powders

Especially for vegans, protein powder can be a great way of adding protein to your diet, according to EC Synkowski, a Boulder nutrition coach. She says that plant foods tend to be higher in carbs and fats than protein, so powders made from plants can make a great supplement. Below are seven great options, all of which are Stevia-free.


Personalized Protein Powder


Serving Size 72g (2 scoops).

Protein Per Serving: 44 grams

Gainful asks you about your ideal weight, exercise goals, frequency and activity level, as well as any dietary restrictions such gluten, soy and whey allergies, lactose intolerances, veganism and vegetarianism. My personal powder, which is mostly pea, oat and brown rice protein, has 44 grams of protein. It’s perfect for me as a vegan CrossFitter of 5’9″ and 175 pounds.

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Serving Size 25g (two scoops).

Protein Per Serving: 20 grams

Nuzest’s five delicious flavors and few carbs are the best choice for those who want to eat less fat and eat more. It packs a powerful 20g protein punch. It is the stickiest powder so add water or oat milk to get it started.

Health Warrior is high in protein and low in sugar. It also contains 1 billion CFU probiotics. The blend of hemp, flax, pumpkin, chia and flax seeds makes it paleo-friendly as well as offering a full amino acid profile.

ALOHA Powders Group


Serving Size 36g (two scoops).

Protein Per Serving: 18 grams

ALOHA powder is also soy-free and gluten-free. It comes in four different flavors with different benefits. The mixed berry flavor contains Omega-3s, iron and magnesium. The chocolate flavor is made from cacao and pairs well with your morning cup of coffee.

Vega Small Tub Chocolate


Serving Size 26g (2 scoops).

Protein Per Serving: 15 grams

Vega can be made with between four and eight ingredients, depending on the flavor you choose. This is a great choice if you don’t need a lot of protein. Even though it contains five grams of sugar, it isn’t too sweet or overwhelming, even when you mix it with water.

Sakara Life Source Super Powder


Serving Size 20g (one packet).

Protein Per Serving: 12 grams

Sakara is primarily made up of pumpkin seed, sesame and pea protein. It also contains a digestive enzyme mix, which can improve your gut health. They also claim that Sakara has a mixture of grasses, algae, and other nutrients, which will energize the body. Sakara’s flavor is more earthy and savory than what you might expect from a protein supplement, but it is still delicious.

Your Super Skinny Protein


Serving Size 15g (two tablespoons).

Protein Per Serving: 9 grams

Your Skinny provides nine grams of protein through a combination of five ingredients: spirulina (moringa), alfalfa (alfalfa), pea protein and hemp protein. It tastes more like Sakara than a chocolate cake.


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