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Five Things You Can Do With an Old Computer Monitor

Give new life to an old display

Although older computer monitors might not be as attractive or large as the newer models, they can still be used for many years, if not decades, after their production. Here are some ways to recycle your old computer monitor.

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Use an Old Computer Monitor to Create a Secondary Display

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There are two monitors. Why limit yourself to one? A second display can be used after a new computer monitor is purchased.

Nearly every modern computer can output video to at most two displays. A lot of laptops require an adapter or dock to connect to another monitor in order to access the second display. This is because there are not enough ports on the computer.

The most popular choice is to place the old monitor to the left or right of the new monitor. You can be creative and buy a third-party arm to attach to your old monitor. This arm can be used to place your old monitor over another display, or even flip it upside down.

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The Old Computer Monitor with a Hobbyist Laptop

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A computer monitor that is not in good condition can be repurposed by hobbyists for an affordable price.

The Raspberry Pi is the most popular hobbyist computer. This computer runs Linux-based operating systems and can handle basic computing tasks such as web browsing, document editing, and video playback. The Raspberry Pi 4 is the most recent version and costs only $35.

These hobbyist PCs are small in size and consume very little power. This allows for flexibility when using an old computer monitor. It can be placed in a workshop to show schematics and notes. You could also use it in the kitchen to display recipes.

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Make your old computer monitor into a game emulator or arcade machine

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Raspberry Pi hobbyist computers are powerful enough for older games to be emulated. Emulation of early 2D and arcade machine games, as well as early 3D consoles, is possible with a hobbyist computer.

It may be more convenient to keep the old computer monitor in your den and use a gaming pad to play. Gamers who are serious about arcade gaming can use an old computer monitor to make an arcade cabinet. An arcade cabinet kit can be purchased, used to repurpose an existing cabinet or designed and built from scratch.

You want the arcade feeling with less effort? Mount the computer monitor on a wall at eye level and then attach a shelf at a height that is comfortable for you. The shelf can be used to store a hobbyist computer and an arcade stick. This setup takes up very little space.

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Make your old computer monitor a smart home dashboard


Smart dashboard is an umbrella term that describes a computer that shows useful information selected by the user.

A smart dashboard can display the local weather, traffic and a digital calendar. There are many options for creative and committed users. An old monitor could be used as a master control for your home security system, or you can view the status of many smart home devices in one place.

There are many ways to make a smart home dashboard. Here are some popular operating systems and software platforms.

  • SharpTools – Windows, Mac, Android and iOS
  • HomeHabit – Android, iOS (beta).
  • Calaos: Linux, Android, iOS, more
  • OpenHab: Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, iOS

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You can turn your old computer monitor into a TV by using a streaming device


A computer monitor that is older than its intended purpose can be used as a small TV. In some cases, a computer monitor can be more convenient than a TV because modern televisions are usually 32 inches in size.

It is easy to convert an old computer monitor into TV by attaching a streaming device. These options are available for any Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV or Roku device.

  • Amazon Fire TV Light: A streaming device that connects directly to HDMI without the need for a cable.
  • Roku Express – A streaming device that comes with Roku’s remote control.
  • Chromecast With Google TV: This premium option allows you to stream from popular services and a Chrome browser.

If you can’t find any use for your old computer screen monitor, or if it takes up too much space, don’t throw it out! Your computer monitor could be of use to someone else. You have two options to sell your old computer monitor online or give it away to a local charity.

can find a recycling program for the monitor if all else fails. As electronics age, monitors can contain dangerous components. Recycling the monitor will prevent it from going to waste.

There are e-cycling companies that purchase secondhand IT hardware, refurbish them, and sell them to people who want to buy tech for less. If your old monitor still works well, you can sell it to an e-cycling company to give it a new lease on life and keep it off landfills for more years.

The Best 9 Computer Monitors in 2022 FAQ

  • Is it worth buying old computer monitors?
    It depends. It all depends on how old the monitor is. A 4K monitor can be worth between $10 and $30 depending on its condition. Monitors with a resolution lower than 1080p may only be worth a few dollars. However, high-end gaming monitors can be quite valuable.
  • How can I connect an old monitor to a new computer
    Most older monitors have VGA connectors. Newer computers use DVI and HDMI. You’ll need a VGA to-DVI, or VGA/to-HDMI convertor.
  • What was the original name of computer monitors?
    The old computer monitors were known as visual display units (VDUs) or simply computers. The term covers all electronic visual displays including monitors and TVs.


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