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Arr is Modem Lighting (What they Mean, and How to Troubleshoot)

By Michael Donovan Leave a comment on Arris Modem Lighting (What They Mean & How To Troubleshoot)

An Arris modem can be a great way to maximize your high-speed internet service.

These modems can handle speeds exceedingly high, so it is hard to imagine them causing problems. That is until the Arris modem lights begin blinking and then turning off!

Each Arris modem has 4-6 lights, and each light gives you information about your internet connection. They make troubleshooting your internet connection much easier and help you get back online quicker.

This article will discuss:

  • How do the different Arris modem lights differ?
  • It means that they switch on, off, or flash.
  • How to troubleshoot issues with modem lights.

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What they Mean: Arris Modem Lights Are Broken Down

Let’s take a look at all the lights on an Arris cable modem. You should keep in mind that your modem’s lights may vary depending on which model you have.

Nevertheless, these lights will be present on most Arris modems.

Power Light

As you might expect, the Power light tells you if electricity is flowing through an Arris modem.

If it’s on, it means you have juice. If it’s not on, it means you have issues. However, you can plug your modem back into the computer to resolve the problem.

Get Light

This indicator will tell you if the modem is receiving an internet signal.

This light is connected with the ” Download” section of the modem. If you have a

Send Light

The Send light on the Arris modem indicates whether your modem can send data through the internet.

It’s the one that is connected to your “upload” section of your internet connection.

The Send light is similar to the Receive light but has two colors.

  • A blue indicates that both bands are sending data
  • A green LED indicates that one band is sending the information.

Online Light

When the Online Light is green, it means that your Arris modem has fully functional.

The light is just like a power lamp. If it’s green everything is fine. You’ll need to troubleshoot if it’s not.

2.4 GHz Light

This light will be green if your modem is connected to the internet’s 2.4GHz band.

5 GHz Light

This light will be green if your modem is connected to the internet’s 5GHz band.

Link Light

This light is not available on every Arris modem.

You’ll notice the “Link” light under the “Online” light on newer Arris models.

When it is transferring data, this light will flash. There is no reason to be alarmed – a blinking Link light is a good sign!

How to Diagnose Wifi Problems with Arris Modem Lights

Your Arris modem’s lights are a great diagnostic tool. These lights will help you pinpoint the source of your Wi-Fi problems. These signals are sent by your Arris modem to help you understand why your WiFi isn’t working.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Your Arris Modem Problems

If you have Wi-Fi problems with your Arris modem, there are generally three options:

1. Each Cable – Check It Out

Although USB, Ethernet and Coaxial cables may seem insignificant, they are essential. They can prevent your modem’s operation if they aren’t fully plugged in, or worse, if they are frayed/damaged.

Make sure that every cable is properly connected, not only at the modem’s end, but also at the other end (the wall or your computer)!

This is especially useful if your modem’s “Receive” light is flashing. In such cases, you should check the cables first.

2. Reset the Modem

Resetting your modem is an easy step that will resolve most problems that may be occurring in your modem .

If the reset fails to resolve the problem, it means that the modem is not at fault. There may be a problem with your Internet Service Provider or cable that has gone unplugged.

There are two options to reset your Arris modem

  • You have two options. First, unplug it for 30 seconds. Then plug it back in. This is the age-old IT tip that never fails!
  • You can also press “Reset” on your unit’s back.. This will reset your modem and hopefully resolve your Wi-Fi problems immediately.

Both ways of resetting your router work exactly the same. It’s up to you which one is easiest.

3. Contact Arris Customer Service, your Internet Service Provider or both

You can continue trying to fix your modem even if it’s not working if you are highly skilled in IT.

Sometimes luck is not your friend.

Contact customer service if your Arris modem’s “Online” light is not glowing or flashing at all.

This is because the modem’s MAC addresses are not registered or recognized.

Chat, email or phone support from Arris, your ISP (internet service providers) is the best way to resolve your internet problems after you have exhausted all other options.

They can assist you if there is a problem with the MAC address.

If the MAC address problem is not present, then you know that the modem is the problem because you have eliminated all other sources.

It’s possible that you will have to replace the modem or activate the warranty.

The Bottom Line: Arris Modem Lighting

The lights in your Arris modem will let you know what’s happening with your internet connection.

Understanding their meanings can save you time and help you solve your internet problems. Keep this article handy!

Are you having trouble with your Arris modem? Have you ever seen the lights get confusing? Do you have any wisdom to share? Please feel free to share your thoughts with others in the comments section. Thanks for reading!


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