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Apple Music’s Most Played Songs

Apple Music’s latest feature is Replay. This feature allows you to view the songs that you have played the most over the course of the year. Apple Music Replay, which is similar to Spotify’s Wrapped playlist, allows you to see your most-played songs whenever you like. This playlist can be accessed with multiple devices and takes only a few seconds.

This guide will show you how to view your most-played songs on Apple Music across different devices.

Apple Music Replay

Apple Music Replay allows you to see the top music that you have listened to on the app’s music streaming service. Apple Music introduced this feature in January 2021. You can use it to view your most-listened songs from any year, including 2020.

These playlists include artists, bands, as well as songs that you listened to most. Apple Music Replay allows you to see what songs you’ve listened to over the years. It can also help you recall songs that you might have forgotten. Apple includes music from your iPhone and any other devices you signed in to your Apple Music account.

This feature was inspired from Spotify’s Wrapped playlist. You can access your Replay playlist all year long, but not like the Wrapped feature which is only available at the end of the year.
A subscription to Apple Music is a prerequisite for a Replay playlist. Apple will not be able to create a Replay playlist if you don’t have a subscription to Apple Music but have listened to Apple Music. After listening to enough songs, Apple Music will show you your most-listened songs for the year.
How to Locate Your Most Popular Apple Music Songs on iPhone
Access your Apple Music Replay playlist via the Apple Music Website, or through the iPhone app. Follow these steps to find the most popular Apple Music songs for your iPhone.

  • How to Find Your Favourite Apple Music Songs on an iPad
    It’s similar to using an iPhone for accessing and finding your Apple Music Replay folders. 
    1. Visit the Apple Music App on your iPad.
    2. Click on the Listen now tab in the sidebar.
    3. Go to the Play: Your Top Songs By Year section.
    4. Tap on the folder that you are interested in, and locate it.
    5. Find the most popular apple music songs by going down.

This is all there is to it. You can view playlists from different years starting with the year you signed up for Apple Music.

  • How to Find Your Favourite Apple Music Songs on a Mac
    You can use Apple Music to search for your most-played songs on Apple Music. Here are the steps:
    1. Go to the Apple Music Website from your browser.
    2. At the upper-right corner, click Sign in. 
    3. On the next page, click the Continue With Password button.
    4. Enter your Apple ID and password to create your Apple Music account.
    5. On the left sidebar, click on the Listen now button.
    6. Continue to Replay Your Top Songs By Year.
    7. You can find the year that you would like to see the most popular songs (e.g. 2020).
    8. To view the songs , click on the Playback 2020 folder.
    9. Simply click the Play Button to play any of the Replay playlists. It’s located on the left-hand side of each folder.
  • You can add songs from the Replay playlists to other playlists. The Apple Music Replay does not offer detailed statistics or graphics like Spotify Wrapped. However, you can still share the Replay playlist with other devices.
    Replay playlists can be viewed the same way by using the Music app for Mac.
    How To Find the Most Popular Apple Music Songs for Windows
    You can access the Apple Music website and iTunes to see which Apple Music songs were most popular on your Windows computer.
    Follow these steps to locate the Replay folder from Apple Music on Windows.
    1. Go to Apple Music in your browser.

Navigate to Sign in at the upper-right corner.
Continue to the Listen Now tab in the left sidebar.
Scroll down to the Replay Your Top Songs By Year folder.
Click on the Replay folder to access it for one year.
To listen to the Replay playlist, click on the Play button.
Apple Music can be accessed via iTunes as well:
Open iTunes on Windows.
If you don’t have an account, sign in and click the Browse Tab at the top of the menu.
You can find Replay: The Top Songs By Year in the List.
How to Find the Most Played Apple Music Songs On Android
You can also download Apple Music to your Android device if you are an Android user. It works exactly the same way as an iPhone. You can also use Apple Music’s Replay feature, as long as you have an Apple Music subscription.

  • Go to the Listen Now section at the bottom.
    1. Go to Play: The Top Songs By Year.
    2. Tap Play in the Replay folder.

Remember Your Favourite Songs
It’s easy to find out how to view the Apple Music music you have listened to most. You can view the songs that you listened to the most each year regardless of what device you are using. Even though you can see your favourites for this year, it is best to wait until the end to get the full effect.

Are you familiar with Apple Music’s Replay? Which playlist was the most surprising? Please let us know what you think in the comments below.


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