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My iPhone 12 Will Not Turn Off! Here’s the Fix!

You don’t know why your iPhone 12 won’t shut down. Your iPhone 12 might not turn off, or you may be trying to save battery life. This article will explain what you should do if your iPhone 12 won’t turn off.

Why is my iPhone 12 not turning off?

Your iPhone 12 may not turn on due to a software problem. An iPhone 12 could appear to be off due to a software glitch that can cause the display to freeze and stop turning on. Your iPhone’s buttons that turn off the device could be malfunctioning.

These steps will help you identify and fix the problem that caused your iPhone 12 to not turn on. First, we’ll show you how to turn your iPhone 12 off. Then we’ll help you fix any software problems. We’ll discuss repair options if the software steps fail to fix the problem.

How to Turn Off Your iPhone 12

Let’s first see how to turn off the iPhone 12. To turn off , simultaneously press and hold both the side button as well as the volume buttons until slide appears on your screen. To turn off your iPhone 12, swipe the power icon left to right.

Hard Reset Your iPhone 12

Hard reset causes your iPhone 12 to suddenly turn off and then back on. This is a quick and easy way to fix software crashes that cause your iPhone to freeze. Your iPhone 12 could have frozen with the screen on. This may cause it to appear like it won’t shut off.

You can hard reset your iPhone 12

Release the Volume Up button by pressing and holding down.

Release the Volume Down button and press again.

Hold the side button down until the screen turns black and the Apple logo appears.

Release the side button when the Apple logo appears.

This will fix the problem temporarily for many. A hard reset does not fix the actual software problem that caused your iPhone 12 to crash. You can back up your iPhone 12 to fix the problem if it persists. This article will show you how.

Are One of the Buttons Broken?

One of the buttons on your iPhone 12 may be broken and it might not turn off. If the Ringer slider appears at top of screen, press the volume buttons. When you press the volume buttons, the slider will move left or right.

Next, hold down the side button and wait for Siri to activate. If Siri activates the side button is not working properly.

If the buttons have become damaged, there are two ways to disable your iPhone 12.

Setup: Turn off your iPhone 12

Tap General in the Settings menu. Scroll down to the bottom and tap Shutdown. The power slider will be displayed on your screen. To turn off your iPhone 12, swipe the power icon across the slide words.

To turn your iPhone 12 on, connect it to a power supply. It should be able to turn on quickly if it has a good amount of battery life after it was turned off.

Use AssistiveTouch to Restart Your iPhone 12

AssistiveTouch is a virtual button that you can add to your iPhone’s screen. This button lets you restart your iPhone 12, activate Siri and take a picture.

Tap Settings to open Accessibility. Touch -> Assistive Touch.

To turn On AssistiveTouch, tap the switch near it. Your iPhone will display a virtual button.

Tap the AssistiveTouch icon and tap device -> More. Tap Restart once the confirmation popup appears on your screen. Your iPhone will switch between on and off.

Restore your iPhone 12

Restoring your iPhone 12 to factory defaults is the last home fix that we recommend if it won’t turn on. This can be used to fix a more serious software issue by returning your iPhone 12 back to its factory default settings. If you have a Mac or PC running macOS 10.14, iTunes will be used to complete the step. Finder is required if you have a Mac with macOS 10.15 or later.

We recommend that you create a backup in iTunes, or Find before proceeding with this step.

iTunes – Restore

Open iTunes.

Lightning cables are used to connect your iPhone 12 and your computer.

Click the iPhone icon in the upper left corner of iTunes.

Click to Restore Backup.

Select the backup that you would like to restore.

Click To Restore.

If the backup is encrypted, enter the passcode.

After the restore is complete, your iPhone will turn off. Keep your iPhone connected until the restore is completed.

Use Finder to Restore

Open Finder.

Lightning cables are used to connect your iPhone 12 and your computer.

Click on the Locations icon on the left-handside of Finder.

Click to Restore Backup.

Select the backup that you wish to restore.

Click To Restore.

If the backup is encrypted, enter the password.

Your iPhone 12 will switch off, turn back on, and then restore. The restore will take place on your iPhone 12. Keep it plugged in until it is completed.

Repair Your iPhone 12

There are ways around it, but it can be frustrating to use an iPhone that has broken buttons. Apple is the best place to get it fixed. If you have AppleCare+, there’s a good possibility that your iPhone 12 is still covered under warranty.

Apple offers both in-person and mail-in repairs. Apple’s support site will help you decide which option is right for you.

iPhone 12: The Turning Off!

Your iPhone 12 has been successfully turned off. This article can be shared on social media so that your family and friends know what to do if their iPhone 12 doesn’t turn on. Please leave a comment below to tell us which solution worked for you.


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