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How do Smart Scales work? (And why you NEED one)

You’ll see that a regular and smart scale will cost about the same as a regular one in 2020.

This is why it should be your first choice if you want to purchase a new scale .

Worst-case scenario: You decide to not use its “smart” features and instead use it only as a scale.

No biggie.

However, most people I speak to don’t know what makes a smart scale “smart” or how it works so they won’t even consider purchasing one.

What is a smart-scale and how does it work?

is short for smart scale. It’s a scale that has a matching smartphone app. Smart scale connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth or WiFi. The smart scale then tracks, analyses and logs your data (weight, body mass index, etc.). It makes all of this information visible and accessible to you through the app.

This allows you to monitor your progress in a number of key measures, and see overall how you’re doing.

Many smart scales can be integrated into other fitness apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health or Google Fit.

This is a significant improvement over your standard scale which only shows your weight, body fat percentage, and BMI. The scale will then erase all of your data.

What are the measurements of a smart-scale track?

A smart scale is used primarily to track body weight. It’s quite simple.

Did you know that many smart-scales can log and track an incredible amount of body measurements?

These are the most common measurements that you will find on smart scales.

  1. BMI
  2. Body Fat%
  3. Water %
  4. Skeletal Muscle
  5. Body Weight
  6. Muscle Mass
  7. Bone Mass
  8. Protein
  9. BMR
  10. Subcutaneous Fat
  11. Visceral Fat
  12. Metabolic age

Do not worry if you don’t understand the meaning of these measurements or why they are important.

The majority of smart scale apps will let you know what they mean, and whether your measurement falls within a normal range.

Smart scale app features

Even if you aren’t a techie, don’t worry! Smart scale apps have greatly improved over the last few years.

These apps are simple to install, and many are very user-friendly (just search them in the Apple Store or Google Play Store).

It won’t take you hours to set it up or figure out how it works. It just works.

The app allows you to see trends and track your body composition daily, weekly, or monthly.

Do you lose a little weight every week? Are you able to keep the same weight? Gaining?

With this data , you can set other goals within the app to track and monitor your progress towards them.

Integrations with other applications

Many smart scales can be integrated with other apps, such as Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit.

This means that data from your smart scale will be automatically synchronised with your Fitbit App (for example).

This means that all of your data is in one central location , so you don’t need to use another app (if necessary).

Smart scales offer greater flexibility than traditional, regular scales.

Multi-user smart scale for one

Do you have a few family members who would like to be involved in tracking their weight and progress? It’s possible.

The vast majority of smart scales available on the market can be used by unlimited users.

This includes your spouse, children, and husband. All members can download the app to track their goals and use the same smart scale.

It can make a big difference if you begin your journey with at minimum one person.

Smart scales are what I recommend purchasing

Now that you are familiar with the operation of smart scales, which one should be considered for purchase?

Below are the best-rated, lowest priced, and highest quality smart scales available from Amazon.

Smart scales are all about the app. Everything else is the same.

the Arboleaf smart scale is the clear winner. It is rated the highest (4/5 stars based on well over 250 reviews) ( price check on Amazon).


Traditional and smart scales are roughly the same but have more to offer.

Smart scales are scales that come with an app for your phone. It uses Bluetooth or WiFi to transfer data from the scale to your smartphone.

The smart scale app allows you to track your daily, weekly, and monthly progress . You can also set goals to march towards.

Many smart scales can be integrated to other fitness apps such as Fitbit, Apple Health and Google Fit. This allows you to store and track all of your data in one location.

is the most important difference when it comes to smart scales to purchase.

The Arboleaf smart scale is the clear winner ( price check on Amazon). This app has the highest rating (4/5 stars based on well over 250 reviews).


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