HomenewsCan a Ring Floodlight be mounted horizontally under eaves?

Can a Ring Floodlight be mounted horizontally under eaves?

Do you have a flood light fixture that is currently connected to your home under an eave?

Can Ring Floodlights be mounted horizontally?

Although Ring floodlight cameras are best mounted vertically, the product is perfectly functional in a horizontal position. The camera ball-socket mount must first be adjusted and rotated 180° to mount the Ring floodlight horizontally. You only need a screwdriver, and it will take you just a few minutes.

Problem with mounting Ring Floodlight horizontally

The Ring floodlight camera has a design flaw. It wasn’t designed to be installed.

Here is the contradictory information that I discovered after searching Ring’s support website, community forums, and Twitter account .

Ring community forum. “Installing Floodlight Cam directly on an edge or soffit at a horizontal angle could affect motion and light trigger as well as camera view. It will prevent it from recording and functioning properly.

Ring support “Can Floodlight Cam be installed upside down or horizontally?” Yes. Floodlight Cams can be mounted on walls or ceilings.

Ring’s Twitter account: “We don’t recommend installing horizontally as this will adversely affect your device’s field of vision, video and motion detection. We will however share your concerns with the Design and Development teams.

This is clearly the main problem.

The camera will not capture the area you want if it is placed at an incongruous angle.

This is the bad news.

The good news is many Ring floodlight users have mounted their camera horizontally underneath an eave or soffit .

Although many approaches were tested, the clear winner required only one tool and very little time.

Horizontal mounting Ring Floodlight Cams is the best method

This is the only modification you will need to make for the Ring floodlight camera in order to mount it horizontally without compromising any functionality.

  1. To remove the entire screw controlling the camera/motion sensor angle, use the included screwdriver
  2. Take out the screw and remove the camera from the ball socket connector
  3. Next, loosen the ball and socket connector lug nuts at the base with your hands.
  4. Rotate the ball and socket connector 180 degrees so that the tightening screws are now at the top.
  5. Replace the screw and put the camera back in the ball-and socket connector

If you have trouble following the steps, here’s a video explaining them.

The whole process takes just a few minutes and allows the camera/motion sensors angle to adjust uninhibitedly when the horizontal position is inverted.

Mounting Ring Floodlight cam horizontally

You can try another method if the above adjustment does not provide enough motion range with your camera/motion sensors for horizontal applications.

This process permanently modifies the socket mount and collar of the ball.

This is now done. Here’s how to increase your range of motion.

  1. To remove the entire screw controlling the camera/motion sensor angle, use the included screwdriver
  2. Take out the screw and remove the camera from the ball socket connector
  3. To grind the ball-and socket connector to the desired location, use a cutting tool such as a dremel. The camera angle will be able to move freely up this way.

If you have trouble following the steps, here’s a video explaining them.

This takes longer and requires a special tool to properly grind the camera arm.

This approach is only recommended if it is necessary for your particular setup.

However, I believe this is an option that works for many people.

Ring Floodlight to replace an existing light fixture

You now have two options to improve the angle of your camera/motion sensor, so you can install your Ring floodlight horizontally.

Always remember Before you make any modifications to an existing fitting, always check your circuit breaker to cut the power .

This simple step can prevent so many injuries.

After turning off the power, can follow these steps to replace an existing light fixture with your Ring floodlight:

  1. You can remove the fixture from your home. 
  2. There is no standardisation, so have a look at it. It is usually only a few screws that must be removed.
  3. If you are satisfied with the exposed wires, remove the wire nuts.
  4. Now, disconnect the wires from the fixture and take it out completely
  5. There may be some mounting hardware that you need to remove.
  6. Attach the Ring floodlight hardware/mounting bracket. You can play around with the bracket as it will affect the orientation of the camera.
  7. Hang the Ring floodlight from the package using the hook included in the box. While you are wiring it, hang it with the help of the hanging hook.
  8. White wire to white, black wire to black, ground wire to ground
  9. Secure the light by pushing it up into the mounting screws.
  10. With the light set, you can adjust the camera’s position by loosening the screw at its back.
  11. If necessary, adjust each LED light by hand tightening or loosening the brackets
  12. You can complete the setup using the Ring smart phone application!


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