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The easiest way to turn off the Echo Show is to turn off the screen (Echo Show – Turn It Off)

Amazon’s Echo Show smart hub is great with tons of incredible tech. Sometimes you just need to turn it off.

These are some ways to turn off Echo Show’s screen, whether it’s nighttime and you want to go to sleep or morning.

Echo Show – Turn off the screen completely

Simply say “Alexa, turn on the screen” to turn your Echo Show off completely. Your Echo Show screen will turn completely black when you give this command.

This command is very useful and I use it often.

Sometimes you might want to go a step further, especially when you’re getting ready to go to sleep. This is where the Do Not Disturb function comes in handy.

Alexa, Do Not Disturb

The Do Not Disturb option is useful if you are going to bed and don’t want your screen to turn on.

Your Echo Show screen will dim when you say “Alexa Do Not Disturb”, and will show only the clock. It will also block any alerts for messages and calls.

You can also activate Do Not disturb by simply clicking the button and swiping down.

The screen will still show you the time, so it will be partially lit. However, you can make the screen completely dark if you wish.

Go to Settings, then Clock & Photo Display. Scroll to the bottom, and toggle OFF Ambient Clock.

That’s it! That’s it! Now your Echo Show will be completely black when you say “Alexa Do Not Disturb” and will block all incoming alerts.

Simply use the Echo Show’s wake word to turn it back on or touch the display. To ensure you don’t miss any messages, remember to turn off Do Not disturb mode when you next use your Echo Show.

Set the screen brightness

If you don’t want to completely turn off your Echo Show, there are several other ways to adjust the brightness.

You can swipe down on your screen to reveal a brightness slider. To dim the screen, drag it to the left and slide it to your right.

This method has the drawback that it requires you to adjust the brightness throughout the day.

If you dim your screen in the evening or early morning, it will need to be manually brightened again later in the afternoon.

Amazon was able to see the potential and created Adaptive Brightness.

To enable Adaptive Brightness, go to Settings and select Display & Brightness. Then toggle it on.

Adaptive Brightness adjusts the screen brightness based upon the ambient light available to the Echo Show.

While you are in the Display & Brightness menu you may have also noticed the Sunrise Effect.

To turn on the Sunrise Effect, your Echo Show screen will gradually increase its brightness. This effect is available from 15 minutes before the alarm goes off at 4:00am. It can be toggled on between 6:00am and 9:00am.

Another neat feature is the slow turning on of your Echo Show before getting up in the morning so you don’t get blinded.


Echo Show is a great device. Sometimes you want to dim the brightness or turn it off completely.

The easiest way to turn off Echo Show’s screen is to use “Alexa, turn it off”

This command will completely turn off the Echo Show display. It can be turned back on by touching it or by using the wake word.

You can also turn off the screen entirely by turning off the Ambient Clock first, then using the “Alexa, don’t disturb” command.

This will turn off the display completely, and all incoming notifications will be blocked. This is great for those who want to sleep well and do not wish to wake up every hour.

There are other options to adjust the brightness if you don’t want to turn off your screen completely.

It is easiest to swipe down on your screen and adjust the brightness slider.

The brightness slider is not the only feature. There are also two other features, Adaptive brightness and Sunrise Effect. These allow the Echo Show to adjust the brightness of your device based on ambient light and time.

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