HometechnologyA 32" 4K TV is the smallest available (the best choice for...

A 32″ 4K TV is the smallest available (the best choice for 2022!)

A 32 inch 4K TV is the best option for 2022 (and it’s the smallest).

If you’re looking for a small 4K TV to fit in your RV, bedroom or kitchen, look no further.

The 32-inch 4K TV is made by Samsung. The Q50R Series and Q60A Series are the 32-inch 4K TVs from Samsung. Samsung’s 4K TV is 8 inches larger than the next-smallest, which measures 40 inches.

Great reviews are given to the Q50R 4K TV, and Q60A 4KTV. These TVs are great for small spaces.

Televisions in 4K Resolution 32 inches

Size             32″                  32

Resolution   4K HDR          4K HDR

Model Year   2019              2021

They are nearly identical in every aspect so I combined my review of the small 4K TVs.

These are the key differences.

The Q50R was launched in 2019, and the Q60A in 2021.

SmartThings, Bixby and SmartThings can all be used with the Q50R. The Q60A is compatible with Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant.

Even though prices can fluctuate, I know that the TVs are nearly identical. If it were significantly less, I would opt for the older model (Q50R).


If I could choose between the TVs and they were priced at the same price, I would opt for the Q60A series.

These small 4K TVs pack a powerful punch and are affordable.

Bright, vibrant colors and vivid blacks will pop off the screen and bring out the true tones of your image. This is possible thanks to Samsung’s HDR technology (High Dynamic Range).

It dramatically increases the brightness, contrast, color, and level of colors.

However, TVs are pre-set and generally set to neutral across all channels. You will need to adjust each setting individually in order to optimize the picture quality. These settings can be found under the Settings menu, Picture> Expert Settings.

These can be used for creating the image you desire. To restore your original settings, you can factory reset your TV.

Although the sound quality was poor, what TV speakers do your opinion sound great?

Although the speakers are good, I prefer Bluetooth headphones or speakers.

For gamers who love video games, the Samsung Q50R and Q60A 4K TVs will be ideal.

These TVs are great for gaming in dark environments. This is where I do most my gaming.

This TV’s limited viewing angle is the biggest problem. These TVs may not be the best option if you are looking for a TV that you can watch with your family on Sundays.

But who would want a 32-inch TV in their living room? These TVs are great for small spaces such as bedrooms, kitchens, RV camp, or other areas.

These environments don’t require that you think about your viewing angles.

These small 4K TVs are a great choice. If you are unsure, check out the positive reviews on Amazon or BestBuy.

Benefits of 4K HDR

Future-proof your TV purchase with both 4K HDR and bundled together.

These two elements can greatly enhance your gaming experience.

The Q50R and Q60A bundle 4K/HDR

4K is a resolution type. This refers to the number of pixels on your display at once. Sharper images are created by more pixels.

4K is also known by the shorthand Ultra HD or UHD. It is a combination of HD and steroids.

When compared to HD, the 4K display will look clearer and more realistic than HD.

HDR stands to High Dynamic Range.

HDR offers a wider variety of colors than the standard sRGB panels found on most TVs. HDR has a 2x wider color range!

HDR is now available on modern gaming consoles. This allows you to get darker blacks, more realistic scenes and images while gaming.

Every day, streaming service Amazon Prime and Netflix release HDR content.

If you’re still not sure about the impact HDR can have on Planet Earth II, it is a good place to start. You’ll be amazed.

The Samsung Q50R series’ combination of 4K/HDR enhances gaming and viewing.

Many benefits can be had from a smaller screen

Sometimes, bigger is not always the best.

A large TV screen will take up too much space so some rooms are not big enough.

Smaller TVs, for example, are great additions to many bedrooms or kitchens.

It’s also very convenient to be in a position to pick up your TV and move to another room or to the road. If your TV is more than 50 inches in size, it will be much more difficult.

Consider your budget when deciding the size of your TV. A smaller TV will usually be more affordable than a larger one. If you are on a budget, small TVs may be your best choice.


Samsung offers the 32-inch 4K TV. Samsung makes 32-inch 4K TVs on the market. These are the Q50R and Q60A series.

The TV 40 inches is 8 inches bigger than the Q50R and Q60A.

These TVs are small, but they are powerful. These TVs have 4K HDR resolution and very low input latency. They are ideal for watching and gaming your favorite shows.


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