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Five Things I Wish I Knew Before Going to GuardianCon

What, as if I was going to go to GuardianCon for the first time and not write this article? please.

Technically, GuardianCon is no more. The program’s graduation ceremonies have revealed a rebranding for the Gaming Community Expo, while retaining the “GC” but expanding it to no longer sound like a Destiny-specific event, given how many other participating games are currently (even if the audience is and probably will continue to be based) Very much about fate).

I do not like to go talk, so it took a long time to get me to go to GuardianCon at last. I’m glad I did, and if you’re thinking of going next year as she continues to expand in size and her charitable contributions at a ridiculous rate to be honest, well …

Here are five things I wish I had known before attending GuardianCon.

1. Stay in a hotel

The Guardian at the Rosen Shingle Creek Resort in Orlando is described as a carcass was, to be precise, a “cruise ship for geeks on land”, and it has already been confirmed that the event will be there next year as well. If you stay, you do not have to leave the compound where you need your room, the location, and the network of eateries and shops and coffee places and everything you need to get out and about in July. And believe me, it’s necessary. It was great to be able to walk around the compound on everything I needed, and you could come across people you know almost everywhere, most of whom are also staying there. Which leads me to …

2. The content creators you love really want you to say hello

Without fail, literally every streamer or YouTuber or developer I came across or saw other people gather around it was very nice to everyone. It’s very strange to approach someone randomly because you recognize him as a creator, but all these guys and girls are very cool and naughty to talk to fans. You can wait a really long time to meet some of the most famous faces attending dedicated booths, or you can just come across them at random in the complex.

Speaking of myself, I can not tell you how amazing it was for people to come and say hello and be photographed. I, the random donor who writes too many articles of fate. It was surreal but I loved it and it made me feel like I could connect my work to real people who love it once. Everyone here is just famous online and not some Hollywood star for you to laugh at your signature or photo request. Just throw it away, it’ll land.

3. Spring card for premium

I got a premium ticket to an event that brought me a shirt and a few other things, but it also got me into a show of rare drop prizes. I did not really know what to do with it going in, and I got confused when my dew was locked all the time. Turns out in a huge roast connection where Goth, Brew, Kevin, Darlopo and others rip the two off for two hours, and if i’m a fan of either of them, it’s definitely funny and a must-attend event and I now very much understand why no one can record it. I … really can not elaborate on it because I’m not cheeky but yeah, it was worth it.

4. Cool games but do not sleep on panels

I played ah, zero games on GuardianCon. The queues were really really long to talk like Destiny or Borderlands 3, and I did not want to pull my journalist card to sneak forward because I felt bad. I do not want to wait in lines, it’s cool if you will, but I’ll say I’m glad I spent most of my time putting my panel on. Snaps led to a whole bunch of panels on mental health and burnout that I could definitely relate to.

I watched two Bungie events, one riding with DMG through Whisper and Zero Hour missions, a panel led by Deej on what works and what doesn’t work in D2 in the age of the annual transition. I saw a live recording of Fireteam Chat, I saw the information leading a panel with a bungee writer. I watched a very entertaining Star Wars panel with Darkness, MisterWoodhouse and GC organizer Kevin who was the most nerdy thing I have ever been a part of and loved it. I can play games at any time, but these annals were only one-time events and I did not regret going to any of them.

5. It’s okay to take breaks

I love the masses. And working from home for the past nine years I have not been the most social in butterflies. So it can be a bit exhausting to be on a busy display plaza or talk to people, and I think it’s more permissible to take a dip and not end yourself instead of staying all the way. Not for the stereotype, but a little inward

The hardcore gamers crowd probably has similar social glitches that make such an event overwhelming, so I think it’s important to re-emphasize that you can and should take the thing in doses instead of just staying there open until closing. It’s also a place where staying at a hotel is helpful, as it bends up to take a nap or unpack Stranger Things several times during the program.

So yes, GuardianCon, Gaming Community Con. It took me out of my comfort zone, and it was amazing to see all my site members alive for a change. Yes, I recommend.


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