Hometips and tricksNew pricing and preloading available for GTA 5

New pricing and preloading available for GTA 5

Rockstar Games announces a discount for the PS5 and Xbox Series X versions

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Grand Theft Auto 5 & Grand Theft Auto Online receive the next-gen, “expanded, enhanced” treatment on PlayStation 5 & Xbox Series X next Week, but there won’t be a free upgrade to the newly remastered games. However, both titles will launch cheaper — the standalone PS5 Grand Theft Auto version will be available for free on the platform for the first 3 months.

What will Grand Theft Auto or GTA online cost on Microsoft and Sony’s new consoles? The Xbox Games Store prices the Xbox Series X Grand Theft Auto 5 version (which also includes GTA Online), at $39.99. However, the current-generation version can be purchased for $19.99 (50%) through June 14. The Grand Theft Auto Online stand-alone edition costs $19.99. But, you get 50% off the next three months. That’s $9.99.

The PlayStation Store offers the following: Grand Theft Auto 5 Pre-order PS5 for $9.99 (75 percent off the standard price). This discount is available through June 14. GTA Online It is available as a standalone download for PS5 within the same window.

Rockstar Games announced Tuesday that preloading of Grand Theft Auto 5 for the PS5 (X3) and Xbox Series X (X4) versions of GTA Online has now begun. The games launch for current consoles on March 15th.

Grand Theft Auto 5 as well as GTA online for PS5/Xbox Series X will provide a variety of visual and gameplay enhancements over the PlayStation 4/Xbox One versions. The improvements include faster loading times; better lighting, shadows and reflections; increased traffic variety and population; and new explosions. New consoles allow players to choose between three graphics options depending on their preferences and performance. The Rockstar Games Social Club allows players to transfer their progress in HTML5 and from previous-generation consoles.

Update This story was updated with pricing information for the PlayStation 5 Grand Theft Auto 5.


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