HomemusicIt's me, it's the PS5

It’s me, it’s the PS5


It’s me, it’s the PS5 Also known as PS5 TikTok The term refers to a number of Memes Based on lyrics taken from a viral freestyle TikToker In early 2022, nicki kinda strange. The video shows nickiskindastrange pretending to be a PlayStation 5 Conciliate, encouraging people to choose his side during the We or PS5 Debate and trend. TikTok became a viral trend in February. Tumblr Users created memes that referenced the song and used the lyrics to create them. Copypasta


TikToker ([1]) @nickiskindastrange retorted to TikToker @salemilese’s Us? or PS5? a Duet. In the Duet, Nicki Kinda Strange voices a PlayStation5 console to try to convince viewers to choose it over her girl. The video was viewed over 698.700 times and received 151.500 likes within a month (shown here).

It’s me, it’s me, boy. I’m the PS5,Speaking inside your brain.

Hear me, boy!

We don’t need the girl!

Play my games with me.

Space will be filled with cowboy times

Doo-doo-doo-doo, yeah,

You need me, boy. Your free will is an illusion.

It didn’t become viral until February 17, 2022 when Tumblr [2] user Peeshykeen reuploaded the video. The video was reblogged and liked by over 101,000 people in just three weeks on Tumblr.


Tumblr[3][4][5] users Ladyofthedam and peeshykeen posted some of their earliest viral posts in reference to the video on February 22nd 2022 (shown below). Peachy Keens meme got over 23,000 likes (and reblogs) in just two weeks. Ilajue’s post received more than 11,000.

Tumblr will be available on February 23rd 2022 [6] User enderspawn shared a collection of It’s Me, I’m the PS5 memes that were shared by Tumblr users the day before. He wanted to know if nickiskindastrange was aware of his Tumblr fame. In just two weeks, the post received over 22,000 likes. Tumblr was launched on February 26, 2022. [7] User pupperish shared the screenshot below of a TikTok Comment in which Nicky Madalina acknowledged Tumblr’s popularity.

Tumblr users created memes using the lyrics in the weeks that followed. There were memes recognising the song as an “earworm” and memes where characters from different media performed it. Sometimes, the lyrics were altered accordingly.


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