Hometips and tricksYou can fix your iPhone if it's not working

You can fix your iPhone if it’s not working

There are many possible problems with your iPhone’s service. There are several possible reasons your iPhone is experiencing service problems. These include a problem with the service plan or hardware issues with the phone.

Reasons Your iPhone Says “No Service”

An iPhone can report that it is experiencing no service for any reason. You need to try the most common and easiest solutions.

A simple setting change such as Aeroplane Mode, carrier settings or carrier settings can cause service interruptions. Sometimes, your iPhone will need to have its cellular settings changed by your cellular provider. You may need to replace or reset the SIM card on your phone less often. You may also have a problem with your cell service plan.

Which iPhone is Right for You?

How to fix your phone if it isn’t working

These simple steps can quickly solve the problem before you attempt to change any settings on your iPhone or perform more tedious troubleshooting tasks. If these steps don’t resolve the problem, you can move on to more complex solutions.

Check that your phone is not set up to Airplane Mode. Airplane Mode disables Wi-Fi and cellular service. Aeroplane Mode is indicated by an aeroplane icon located in the upper-right corner on the iPhone screen. This is where signal strength bars are usually displayed.

Switch cellular data on and off. You may need to switch your cellular data off and on again, especially if you live in an area with limited service. Select Settings> Cellular to make sure Cellular Data is on. 

  • Check that you are within the coverage area. You may not be able to receive service if you are deep within a building, underground or in rural areas. You can check the upper-right corner for signal strength bars.
  • Start the phone. Restarting your iPhone completely can be like flipping Airplane Mode. This will wake up your cellular service and restore normal operation.
  • If you are experiencing poor service, turn on Wi-Fi calling. Wi-Fi calling is a great option if you have poor or no service in an area where you spend a lot, like your home. This is a great option if your new apartment or house is in an area that’s not cellular-friendly for your wireless provider.
  • Search for an update to your carrier settings. Sometimes, updates are released by carriers that can affect your device’s ability to connect to the cellular network. Your service may be affected by an update to your iPhone.
  • Reset your network settings. You may not be able to access cellular service because your iPhone settings have been corrupted. Reset the iPhone to factory settings.
  • Disconnect and replace your SIM card. The SIM card may not be working correctly because it isn’t properly seated or damaged. It can be cleaned by gently blowing on or wiping with a cotton cloth. Then, replace the SIM card.
  • Contact your carrier. Contact your cellular carrier to inquire about outages in your area, service problems, or if your device has been blocked.
  • Get your iPhone serviced by Apple. Contact Apple support if all else fails to resolve the problem with your iPhone. There are many possible issues that you won’t be able to fix.


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