HomenewsHere's how Twitter ratios actually work.

Here’s how Twitter ratios actually work.

What does it mean to be ratioed on Twitter?

Social media is an amazing place. It has a language that no one other than social media users can understand. Shadow banning on TikTok is one example. Don’t forget Heather.

You’re probably on Twitter or social media and have seen the term “ratioed”. People are tweeting the term “ratioed” without any explanation. It could be a mathematical equation. Is it a special kind of sum? We’re here to help. This is the Twitter definition of “ratioed”.

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What does it mean to be ratioed on Twitter?

Urban Dictionary states that being “ratioed” (sometimes spelled “ratio’d”) means “a reply to tweet gets more likes then the tweet it was replying too, usually indicating the popularity or stupidity the original tweet.” If your tweet gets 10 likes and your reply gets 10,000, then you’ve been “ratioed”.

It’s November 2nd, and grown men are getting up to discuss the costume they wore for Halloween.

— nope (@LilNasX). November 2, 2020

ratioed by spongebob outfit pic.twitter.com/zHiFsnZXse

— asc (@ascxndingz). November 2, 2020

Not being rated is a sign that you are failing. It is not a compliment, so if it happens to you, you should be ashamed.

“Woke” Just Added to The Dictionary. Here’s What it Actually Means

Official definitions have been created for the term (well, there is a second).

The Oxford English Dictionary has now added ‘Woke’ to its vocabulary, the 2017 social justice term everyone loves.

It was technically in the past tense, but you get what we are referring to.

The OED explains the inclusion of a press release:

What does this expression mean in official language?

Here you go – no more wondering!



Good stuff.

Is it just us, or does the expression “the West Coast has some of the wokest men” make you cringe a bit? It’s not the sentiment. It’s more the image of someone using the word dude in a dictionary. It just doesn’t feel right.

The OED publishes four updates per year, with the next one due September 2017. So place your bets today kids.


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