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What company makes the best aluminium front doors?

The best aluminium front doors for your home will enhance the property’s value by providing a sturdy, secure, and attractive product. These products don’t have to be costly. These are only four of the top aluminium front doors. There is a lot more to know about the supply chain, panels, components, and profiles of an aluminium front door.

Aluminium entrance doors: The benefits

Slim sightlines, reliability, greater strength, and better aesthetics are some of the key features of aluminium front doors. These are the four most important features of aluminium front doors that you won’t find with composite doors or PVCu. Timber doors are a different type of front door than the steel reinforced ones.

An aluminium front door is a popular choice for many.

The front door is often the last item on a large home improvement project. Composite doors are a more affordable and durable option to a front-door. To see the damage that composite doors can cause to cheap doors, you need only look at one door from a newly built home.

Aluminium entrance doors are the best, and offer all the benefits of a composite door but with more features and benefits. Aluminium is the preferred choice for developers who build high-end homes. They look better.

An aluminium front door will give you long service life, reliability, and security. There are many options for designs to choose from, including traditional and contemporary styles.

What makes aluminium entrance doors different from composite doors?

We consider aluminium entrance doors superior to composite and plastic PVCu doors. Composite doors like the Endurance or the Solidor are strong and secure. However, aluminium front doors offer advantages. These benefits are magnified when you have other aluminium products such as sliding doors and aluminium windows.

  • You can expect excellent acoustics and thermal insulation depending on your type.
  • There are more options for locking
  • Flexible sizes available than composite or PVCu front doors
  • Front door sets that are very stable
  • Better colour match with other products, such as windows and doors

It is important to consider the construction, design, and sources of aluminium front doors for your home before you make a decision.

Understanding the construction of an aluminium front door

It is important to understand the construction and design of aluminium front doors. This is largely dependent on the decorative panel. These panels can be called decorative, infill or solid panels. They are what give the door its overall appearance, whether it’s modern or traditional.

This section will help you understand the differences between cheaper front doors and more expensive ones, as well as the methods of fixing the door panel. There are three types of door panel designs.

Aluminium door with inset decorative panel

Although it is an old technology, the aluminium door with inset decorative panels is still a great way to make a front entrance. These doors are great. These doors don’t have the same lines or the better fit and finish as the best aluminium front doors.

The decorative panel replaces glass in simple terms. That’s all there is to it. It’s basically the same type as the side, porch, or back door, but without the glass. These are the easiest ways to make aluminium entrance doors.

They are simpler than traditional doors, but they have a different quality and fit and finish. Dutemann’s Haus model is a great example of an aluminium door design. So does Sunflex. Spitfire, Hallmark and Hormann also have them. Kloeber is another brand. Origin has great front doors. However, this is still their bifolding doors profile. This can be seen when you examine the seals at corners where they meet.

A panel of integrated aluminium

This is an aluminium front door made with the panel as an integral component of the structure. It also has a glaze-in construction.

This is because the doors are seamless and have the door sash on either the outside, inside, or both sides. The step is not from the inside of your door leaf to the panel. This design is used by brands like Glasswin, Spitfire and Hormann, as well as Internorm.

Panel for flush-mounted aluminium entry doors

We then come to the most bespoke aluminium front doors, which feature the flush design and their panels. It gives you a seamless appearance without any glaze effect like other doors. These doors are more expensive, but they’re made differently.

Most doors are available in modern designs. This arrangement is used by Internorm and Smart Systems, Spitfire, Spitfire, S500, Pirnar, and other high-end front door brands.

Explained: The solid panels

There are many types of solid panels available. They play an important role in front doors. The panels are also a significant part of the overall door U.Values. These panels should also have the right feel. If the panels are too light, the front door will feel shaky.

Basic insulation is the only option for door panels. The better versions include thicker insulation and timber or steel reinforcement. The thickness of the interior and exterior skins can also vary. Some panels measure 1.5mm thick while others are more like 3mm.

The overall thickness of the panel is as important as the thickness in aluminium. Basic doors are 24mm thick, while cheaper doors can have 28mm. Aluminium front doors with premium features have thicker skins, 44mm, 50m and 77mm respectively.

The door will be more durable if the panel is thicker than 28mm. The low U-Values of the panels and their excellent thermal insulation also make them thinner.

Many door manufacturers do not make the panels for their doors. These panels are instead sourced from companies that specialise in door panels. These are often sourced from large European panel companies. It is likely that the door’s surround frame, door leaf profiles, and decorative panel profiles are from one supplier.

What can you expect from the top-of-the-line aluminium front doors?

All quality front doors are generally of high quality. Whichever type of aluminium entrance door you choose, they will all come with these specifications:

  • Powder-coated for durability in a wide range of colours
  • There are many options for door handles, locks, and furniture.
  • Multi-point, electronic or manual locking systems can be secured.
  • Single or double door options.
  • Excellent thermal performance and U-Values.

Understanding the frame and door system for aluminium doors

Two products are different: the aluminium frame profiles and the designer panel that you find in front doors made of aluminium are two distinct products. It’s the frame system and door that are important in best aluminium front doors.

If it is a premium brand, the higher end brands will often inform you which system was used for the door surround frame. Reynaers and Schuco are well-known and, just like their sliding and bifolding doors, the quality of these profiles can be trusted.

A premium aluminium system offers more features in the doors. Schuco profiles, such as the Dutemann Haus doors, allow for hidden hinges, low thresholds, and the most advanced German-designed locking system. You should also know that single and French doors in your home often have the same profile as the front door.

It is important to consider the aluminium profile or system that will be used for the front doors. These profiles are subject to extensive weather and security testing, and offer better engineering. Ask about the door leaf and frame system when looking for the best aluminium front doors.

The system behind a brand new front door

Dutemann Haus Hormann, Internorm Spitfire Pirnar Doors and many other companies use sophisticated aluminium systems and high-quality construction. You can also use Smart Systems profiles or Comar Architectural Systems to make high-quality front doors.

Glasswin Front Doors is another brand that offers front doors at affordable prices and the benefits of premium aluminium construction. They can be made from either Reynaers, Schuco or company-owned aluminium profiles. A unique hybrid version is also available that uses aluminium on both the outside and the inside. This is a great way to get an aluminium door for a low price.

These doors have quadruple glazing and German Winkhaus locks. There is even a hidden door design and hidden handles. There are many great aluminium front doors available. We recommend also looking at Glasswin doors starting at PS1500. The other ranges of aluminium they offer are comparable to brands that cost twice or three times as much.

Smart Systems front doors are another outstanding product. It’s almost like having a premium-grade steel door lock, but upgraded to the 10-point locking system. Excellent designs, well-priced. Some traditional door designs look so good that you’ll be fooled into believing it’s a wood door.

Here are some things you should know about Origin front doors.

We’ve already mentioned Origin’s front doors. These doors are the same frames as the folding sliding doors.

Origin Doors’ appearance is the simple glazed panel design. Others prefer the flush look such as Dutemann’s Haus, Glasswin, or Spitfire. You can also choose an Origin front door to get matching side and back doors, as well as garage doors. The frames come with a 20-year guarantee from the manufacturer and offer the best colour options and personalization.

Some websites refer to Origin doors as substandard. This is false and misleading. Origin’s profiles are excellent in quality. Powder coating is done according to very strict industry standards. Professional powder coaters are certified. The panels are also very well-built. These panels are as good as any other door.

Doors made from door panels and aluminium profiles from different suppliers are perfectly acceptable. Bifolding door profiles can be used to create front doors. These profiles can be used to make single or double doors by virtually every bifolding door manufacturer. The Origin brand and its guarantee are outstanding.

Aluminium entrance doors are made with the same technology.

In recent years, technology has advanced in aluminium door construction, security, and design. Modern aluminium doors are more efficient than their timber and PVCu counterparts in terms of engineering and insulation.

  • High-quality materials, including all aluminium, hybrid aluminium-timber or steel.
  • Manual or automatic closing
  • Features like integrated LED lighting.
  • Automated door locks, fingerprint scanners, and connection to home automation systems.
  • Access control can also be provided by electromechanical locks
  • Quadruple-glass units.

The product you choose and the budget will determine what you want on your front door. You can spend as much as PS10000 for a high-tech, aluminium front door.

You can choose between traditional and contemporary front doors.

Each quality supplier and manufacturer of door panels will be able to show a variety of contemporary designs as well as traditional ones. This means that no matter what style you choose for your home, the construction will be very similar.

Modern and traditional doors can be ordered with a variety of glass options, locking mechanisms, door accessories, and door handles.

There are many door designs available in the United States. Many homeowners want to reproduce the original style of their front doors using composite or other materials. Glasswin Front Doors is a company that offers traditional styled aluminium front doors. These doors are even more impressive because the decorative mouldings can be made entirely of aluminium.

Understanding the dimensions and designs of doors

Aluminium entrance doors are more flexible than composite doors in terms of panel sizes and overall door size. Composite doors may not be suitable for older homes or cottages with narrow doors due to their panel size limitations. Aluminium entrance doors can be limited by their size but are more flexible for smaller doors. Aluminium has the greatest advantage for large door sets. This is how the door sizes compare to double doors. You will also find some timber and composite doors for comparison.

Take these well-known brands to show the significant size advantages of aluminium over composite doors. A typical composite door is 30% larger than an aluminium one.

Colours and textures

All major front door manufacturers offer RAL (anodised), textured, or metallic colours. There are many options, including satin, gloss or matt finishes as well as a variety of colours inside and outside. Smart Systems, Origin and other brands offer a variety of wood effect finishes through sublimation.

Some doors are powder-coated, while others have enhanced protection finishes. You can also use a combination of aluminium and PVCu to create innovation, such as the Alumina system. This is a custom-made front door.

Aluminium doors can be fitted with glass options.

Triple glazing is standard on some of the most beautiful aluminium entry doors. Toughened and laminated safety glasses are also available. You can even get quadruple glazing with certain products made from aluminium panels.

There are many options for glass available for front doors, including contemporary and traditional designs. Most door brands include door numbers, acid etching or sandblasting as well as colouring and custom-designs.

Aluminium entrance doors can be customised for your home.

Aluminium doors offer many customization options, including handle options and accessories. You can have glazed panels on the sides and above.

These doors can be integrated into a 2-storey screen, or a one-off entrance screen. You have the option of low or standard thresholds that allow for wheelchair access. Powder-coated aluminium can be used in all its colour benefits. Powder coating can be used in single or double colours as well as wood effect finishes and contrasting doors and frames.

How secure are aluminium front doors?

It is no surprise that the most modern and well-engineered aluminium front doors have been certified to meet a variety of security standards. These standards include some that are British. Other doors are European and certified to European standards. British certification covers Secured by Design Document Q, PAS24, and other standards. WK2, WK3, RC2-4, and other European standards will be on display. Many of these standards are harmonised. You can rest assured.

Some of the most reliable door locks, such as Winkhaus, are used on top-quality aluminium entrance doors such as the Dutemann and Spitfire. Our front doors are much more secure and robust than our back and side doors.

Hidden door hinges, laminated safety glass, toughened safety glasses, concealed fixings, and internal beading for any glazing are some other security features found in the most premium aluminium entry doors. The frame construction of aluminium doors is one of the best methods for door construction. It uses cleats, brackets and sealants to create a strong door and frame joint.

What is the cost of aluminium front doors?

It is difficult to give an accurate price indication due to the many choices available in aluminium front doors. Prices will vary depending on the style, glazing options, hardware and supply chain. As a guideline, the prices below are for a single colour door with a combination of glass and panel construction, standard high security locking system, and a standard high-security locking system.


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