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How to fix it if YouTube is not working on Roku

YouTube can show up on Roku even if YouTube isn’t working.

  • The YouTube app for Roku will not launch.
  • You cannot log in to YouTube.
  • YouTube videos cannot be launched.
  • Even if the app worked fine before, these issues can happen suddenly. 
  • These issues can occur when you launch YouTube on Roku, or when you log into YouTube to launch a YouTube Video.

Roku: YouTube not working on Roku

There could be many reasons why your Roku device isn’t launching the YouTube app. This could be due to no internet connection, YouTube account issues, or problems with the Roku streaming media device.

Remember that YouTube will not work if YouTube is unavailable. You might also have problems launching apps such as YouTube if your Roku device isn’t up to date with the firmware.

How to fix YouTube not working on Roku

YouTube not working with Roku? Start with the easiest solutions, and then move on to more complex solutions such as resetting Roku.

Verify that other devices in your house can connect to the internet. You won’t be allowed to launch your YouTube channel on Roku if your Wi-Fi internet connection fails. If other devices are unable to connect to the internet, your Wi-Fi network may not have internet access. To get your Roku back online, follow these steps. You should first try resetting your router.

Roku channel problems can also be caused by a slow internet connection You may experience problems opening YouTube channels if your Wi-Fi internet connection speeds are slow. To determine if this is true, you should first test your internet speed. If your internet speed is slow, you can fix the problem and get your YouTube channel back online.

Your Roku device might not be connecting to the internet even though your internet connection is fine at home. This is usually true if other devices are able to connect to the internet but not the Roku channels. The settings menu of your Roku will show you the IP address for your Roku. If your Roku doesn’t have an address, you will need to connect it to your Wi-Fi network. The YouTube channel should now be launched once you have reconnected.

Restart your Roku device. Restarting the Roku will often clear any app or system issues. Restart can be used in the menu. Unplug the Roku and wait for a few seconds before plugging it back in.

Check YouTube to see if it is down. YouTube is down if you don’t have Roku. This means that you won’t be able to launch your YouTube channel (no one can), so none of the videos will load.

Verify that your YouTube account remains active. Also, ensure you are using the correct password and ID. It is possible that your YouTube account has been locked or deleted. This would explain why your YouTube channel on Roku cannot connect to it.

Uninstall the YouTube channel and then add it again. Reinstalling the Roku YouTube app can resolve issues or fix glitches.

Make sure to update your Roku. It can be a problem when you launch YouTube channels if the firmware is not up to date. Although the Roku device updates automatically, it is worth updating regularly to fix any unexpected issues that may arise. Follow these steps to update your Roku streaming media device.

  • Choose the Home button from your Roku remote
  • Select Settings, then select System Settings and finally, select System Update.
  • Select Check Now on the System Update screen.
  • Roku will automatically download and install the most recent updates to your device.

If all else fails and YouTube still won’t allow you to open YouTube on Roku for some reason, you might need to contact YouTube technical support. YouTube’s help page may also be of assistance.

2021 YouTube TV and Roku Disagreement

YouTube and Roku differed over terms of service. This meant that YouTube TV was not available in Roku’s lineup for more than six months in 2021. The agreement was reached in early 2022.

You can try again by launching YouTube TV on your computer or phone and mirroring your display to the Roku.


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