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iPhone Text Messages Not Sending? Here’s How to Fix It

You may feel disconnected from your family and friends if your iPhone is unable to send text messages. It’s possible to be afraid that your iOS device is going down forever. These simple tips will help you fix your iPhone’s inability to send text messages.

Fix iPhone text messages not sending

Your iPhone could fail to send or receive SMS messages for a variety of reasons, including software errors or problems with its cellular network. Sometimes, problems will only become apparent after they have been fixed.

These are the steps to enable your iPhone to send text messages again.

  • Connect to a network. If your iPhone is not connected to Wi-Fi or cellular networks, it cannot send text messages. This is the place to look if your messages aren’t getting through. (See: Connect an iPhone to a Wi Fi network. )

  • Switch Aeroplane Mode ON/OFF To force Aeroplane Mode to connect, either disable it or turn it on and off. Your texts should go through if your iPhone is able to connect to an available network. If your messages don’t go through, try going outside or to an area with Wi-Fi or cellular coverage.

  • Confirm the email and phone number of the recipient. If the messages don’t go through, verify that you have correct contact information. If you use the Messages App, check the number of the recipient or their email address.

  • Quit the Messages app and restart it. Sometimes, apps must be stopped and restarted in order to fix memory management problems. Force quit the messaging app and then restart it.

  • Restart your iPhone. Many problems can be solved by restarting your iPhone. Although it may not be the best solution, it’s a simple and quick step you can take before moving on to more complicated options.

  • View the iMessage system status. The problem may not be related to your iPhone. To check if iMessage is down, go to the Apple System Status page. Apple will resolve any issues that arise.

  • Confirm that your message type supports. Not all phone companies support every type of text message. SMS (Short Message Service) is widely supported. It’s the standard text-messaging protocol. Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS) is not supported by every company. This allows you to send photos, videos and songs.

  • Turn off Group Messaging. You must verify that your settings are set to allow you to send a text message with a photo or video embedded. Select Settings Messages. Toggle SMS/MMS between MMS Messaging or Group messaging to the on (green) position.

  • Verify the date and time settings of your phone. For network-based services such as Skype to function properly, your iPhone must have the correct date/time settings.Tap Settings > General > Time and Date. Next, turn the Set Automatically switch on (green). If it is on, turn it off. 

  • Reactivate iMessage. Verify that iMessage is on if you are using iMessage for sending texts. It could be that the setting was not turned on correctly. You can turn it on by selecting Settings > messages and then switching the iMessage switch from On (green).

  • Reset network settings. The iPhone Network Settings control how the phone connects to cellular networks. These settings can cause problems with text messaging if they are incorrect. Reset your Network Settings to fix these issues.

  • Update carrier settings. Hidden carrier settings allow your iPhone to communicate with the cellular network, sending and receiving calls, data and texts. These settings are updated by wireless carriers regularly. You can ensure that you are using the most recent version of your carrier settings by updating it.

  • iOS. iOS’s latest version always includes the most recent feature enhancements and bug fixes. It is always a good idea for iOS to be updated if you encounter problems.

Didn’t Work? What next?

If your iPhone is still not sending text messages after you’ve tried the above steps, it’s time for the experts to help. Contact Apple for assistance.


  • How can you send voicemail on iPhone?
    To record your message, open a conversation in the Messenger app. Touch and hold the Record audio button. To preview the recording, use the Play message button. The Send audio or Delete audio Recording buttons to send it.

  • How can you set up a text message for your iPhone?
    You can set up a text message using the Shortcuts App. Follow the prompts on the screen to schedule and create your text message.

  • Is it possible to delete a text message from an iPhone?
    Hold your finger down on the message bubble and then click More. After selecting the messages and conversations that you wish to delete, click on the trashcan icon. Remember that conversations can be deleted permanently.

  • How do you delete a text message from an iPhone?
    To block calls from a particular person or phone number, click on the number or name at the top of the conversation and then choose Block this Caller. You can manage or view your blocked contacts by visiting Settings > Text Messages.

  • How can you send a message to an iPhone without it being sent?
    A text message cannot be sent unanswered. If you’re quick enough, you may. You can cancel the message before it goes out. It’s possible to cancel it before it sends.

  • What does the moon signify on my iPhone text message
    A half-moon icon is a sign that you have enabled Do Not Disturb mode or muted a particular contact. All notifications in that conversation will be silenced if Do Not Disturb mode is enabled. To unmute the conversation swipe left and select the bell icon.


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