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Top 10 Living room Ideas That Are Fun and Practical

When it comes to decorating your living area, there are many options. This can be both exciting and intimidating. You may be looking for a peaceful place to unwind after a long day. Or maybe you are looking for something vibrant and fun with enough seating to entertain your guests on a daily basis.

We have collected the top living room ideas that will suit every lifestyle and household. Read on to find out which style of living room will work best for your needs.

Natural Clay Wall Treatments can be an option

Mitchel G. David, founder of Beach Life Ocean City, says that natural clay-colored living spaces are very popular. The wall’s clay-colored walls add a freshness and dimension to furniture and portraits. It also highlights the fireplace’s darker tones. Some people see it as light pink, while others see it more beige.

Get multi-purpose furniture

Geoff Cash, Founder of Refresh Remodelling, suggests making use of multipurpose furniture–especially for those who have small living area space, these kinds of furniture are a lifesaver. Cash recommends beautiful furniture that can be used for multiple purposes. It will be cheaper to purchase less furniture for your living area.

Invest In Long-Term Entertainment Gadgets

Creating an entertainment hub may seem fancy, but it is a worthwhile investment considering many factors. A good example is a household with a golf enthusiast that allot weekly spending in country clubs. Apart from membership fees, golfing accessories and regular expenses such as gas would quickly add up.
An entry-level golf simulator like the Garmin Approach R10 launch monitor would save golfers a lot of money in the long term. It has 42,000 built-in courses and offers realistic gameplay. Many starters and average golfers use it for their training and entertainment. A family area that keeps everyone from spending their time and money outdoors is a practical asset.

Incorporate Natural Elements

Natural elements can be used as stress relievers. Natural elements can make you more relaxed. By incorporating natural elements into your home, you can bring the outside in.

Your sofa can be your focal point

The couch can become the centre of your space and create a sense of cosiness. Lynne Sade is the founder of A Farmhouse Reborn. She says that inviting couches can make a room feel cosier and more comfortable than just a couple of chairs.

Choose a neutral wall colour

Sade states that living spaces should be interesting and entertaining. But the wall colour doesn’t have to match your theme. A pretty white/off-white/cream wall colour softens walls and allows for the colour to shine through accents like furniture, pillows, artwork, and other items.You can also buy landscape art prints online to add as a focal point.

Check out Neutral Furniture & Accessories

It is possible to balance a bold wall colour by using neutral accessories and furniture. Savannah Phillips is an Interior Designer at The Knobs Company. She says, “When designing anything I always think about flexibility. It is essential to include easy-to-coordinate colors like neutrals. Even if your decorating style isn’t very consistent, neutrals can be a great way to bring the space together.

Clean lines are your goal

Phillips says that minimalistic, clean lines are one of her favourite ways to design a house. Phillips shared that, even though decor trends are changing constantly, basic geometrical designs of furniture pieces remain in style. This allows buildings to be functional and requires clear lines. This design style can be used for furniture and design elements. It is timeless and will never be out of fashion.

Greys and Blacks should be taken into consideration

Phillips said that although black and grey are sometimes viewed as a bad or unattractive design choice, she still loves black and grey designs. A darker or blacker exterior will reflect more sunlight and heat, which can result in a lower heating bill in winter months. Dark greys and blacks are great for concealing minor imperfections and dirt. To add depth and dimension to your home, you can use dark accents on doors or windows if you don’t want to go all black.

Reclaimed Windows

An old or salvaged wooden frame can be used to hang on the walls of your living space. This symbolises the belief in no waste. These reclaimed windows frames will add warmth and comfort to your living space wall or mantel. Layer a few frames with other reclaimed pieces or attach a photograph to the windows for a personal touch.

It might be worth adding exposed wood accents

Fake wood beams can also be added to your living room ceiling to give it the rustic look of a cabin or farmhouse. You should choose wood with imperfections. If possible, reuse reclaimed lumber.


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