HomemusicExternal mic input for action cameras

External mic input for action cameras

Sometimes the onboard microphones for action cameras don’t work enough. Better sound quality is what you need, so either you have it or you would like to purchase some.

Your action camera is ready to capture stunning video and photos. You can use your action camera to capture amazing video and photos.

This page ranks and lists the best action cameras with an external microphone input. A Mini USB-3.5mm Female Jack adapter can be used to add a microphone on some of these cameras. This adapter is necessary in order to enhance the audio quality of your microphone equipment.

If the external microphone has a USB type-C connector, an action camera can be used with it. These include the 10 pins that are required to transmit the audio signal, such as mini USB.

We offer sorting options. You can get a low-end action camera with an external microphone input and a longer battery if you don’t have enough money.

What action cameras can be used with external microphones?
You can buy an action camera with either a mini USB or 3.5mm Jack input. An external microphone can be used in most cases.

To allow an external microphone to work with the type-c microUSB camera, you must have the firmware installed.

You couldn’t use an extra mic with the Yi 4K when it first came out. You can connect external microphones to the Yi 4K with the firmware update.

To ensure that your action camera can be used with an external mic, you should get one with miniUSB ports or at least 3.5mm ports. Some cameras can work with external mics that support the USB type C.

An External Microphone is a Good Idea
You might need separate audio recording for many reasons. An external microphone can be used for many different purposes. The best action cameras have an external microphone input.

This can be used for many purposes. Vloggers are the most obvious. Vloggers come in all shapes and sizes and can post anything, from product reviews to daily life to motorcycle vlogging. A great addition to any action camera is an external microphone input. This will enable you to communicate clearly and effectively with your audience, especially if you are involved in motorcycling or other activities.

Is an action camera compatible with a microphone?
An action camera can be connected to many different devices. To connect your microphones to an action camera, you may need additional equipment.

The first is the female Jack input, which is 3.5mm in size. It will accept any 3.5mm male lead, whether you have an existing microphone or wish to buy one. This is a simple option but not the most popular on action cameras.

A mini USB Type C or micro USB Type C can be chosen. These include the 10 pins required to transmit audio from the mic to the camera. To convert your mic to a female 3.5mm audio cable, you will need these adapters. A microphone can be plugged into your camera.
USB Type C to Female Jack Converter.

Mini USB to Female Jack Convertor
Although some action cameras might not come with their own microphone input equipment, you can find many on Amazon, Banggood, and Gearbest.

This will allow you to start looking into simple Lavalier microphone setups for your action cam.

Mini USB ports for action cameras
Mini USB mics can be purchased directly from the manufacturer at a reduced price. SJCam is a brand that lets you plug the mic directly out of your camera.

This is the cheapest way to add an extra microphone to your action camera. Simply plug the microphone into any of these cameras or to a mini USB port and you can start recording better sound.

SJCam sells a small USB microphone that you can use with your GoPro. It is also very affordable in comparison to other accessories, mods and adapters.

SooCoo also offers an external USB microphone that works with their cameras.

Action Cameras with 3.5mm Audio Mic Jack
These action cameras have an integrated 3.5mm audio port. This allows you plug in a microphone directly to the port.

This is the fastest, most cost effective and easiest way to add a microphone to your action camera. It should have an audio port that is 3.5mm so that you can plug in any microphone using a male 3.5mm connector.

These are not compatible either with the USB-C adapters discussed below or the mini USB microphones used by SJCam and SooCoo above.

Any microphone you already have can be plugged into the 3.5mm audio port.

Action cameras with USB Type-C
An action camera microphone attachment can be connected to USB Type C. This allows external audio to be recorded.

These cameras support USB Type C. An adapter can be purchased depending on the brand. The adapter will plug into your camera’s USB Type C male port. Next, plug in the microphone attachment of choice.

This is not true for all action cameras. Manufacturers may make it difficult for you to use third-party microphone attachments, and they might force you to buy their brand.

This list includes attachments that allow you to use an external microphone with your action camera. Don’t worry if your brand isn’t on the list. If you are interested in purchasing a new action camera, there are still options available with mini USB ports or 3.5mm Jack.

DJI Osmo External Microphone Adapter
The USB-C microphone adapter to 3.5mm can be used in conjunction with the DJI Pocket for external audio recording.

A third-party adapter such as the Cynova Osmo Action dual 3,5mm adapter is also available. It’s much more affordable and provides a great alternative.

GoPro External Microphone Adapter
This mic adapter can be used with older GoPros, such as the GoPro Hero 3+ and Hero 3+. This adapter allows you to connect any 3.5mm microphone to your GoPro to record.

This mic adapter can be used to convert your GoPro’s USB-C to 3.5mm mode if you have a more recent GoPro, such as the GoPro Hero 5 Black Black Session or GoPro Hero 6 Black.

Insta360 One External Microphone Adapter
You will also need a special Insta360 mic adapter if you want to use external microphone on your action camera, you can buy that from the Insta360 official store here https://store.insta360.com/product/mic_adapter


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