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Travel Insurance Guide for 2022 with Covid-19

Our travel blog contains the most current news regarding the industry, including restrictions on Covid-19 testing.

If you plan to travel in 2022, the best Travel Insurance will provide you with peace of mind. How about the best Covid-19 Travel Insurance?

We’ve sorted (February 20,22), all the details for top travel insurance companies via our comparison service (powered CYTI).

Find out more about our ranking of insurances. All listed policies provide cancellation coverage if Covid is contracted prior to your trip. All policies listed provide coverage for Covid-related emergencies once you arrive, and repatriation if necessary.

These terms and conditions remain in effect. Before you make a decision, please read the policy documents carefully. We have provided a link to each listed insurance for your convenience.

What is our methodology?

The CYTI travel insurance journey was used to generate a quote to purchase a travel policy for a four-member family (two parents aged 42-44, and two children aged 12-14), who were travelling to Spain for a week from July 2022.

We didn’t have any pre-existing medical conditions and didn’t require extras such as gadget insurance.

  • We selected the 10 best results for premium cost, which provided the following Covid coverage:
  • Cancellation if you have contracted the virus prior to your departure
  • Costs of covid-related medical treatment
  • These factors were also considered:
  • Check to see if your insurance covers cancellation if you are required for isolation.
  • Advice on Covid-related FCDOs
  • You will need to file a claim if you are required.
  • Cancellation coverage limitations

What are the premiums?

All policies have minimum cancellation coverage of PS3,000 and PS2m repatriation costs, with a maximum excess limit of PS100.

What are the rules for international travel?

The rules and restrictions surrounding international travel have changed frequently during the pandemic. Sometimes, these changes were made very quickly. Travellers arriving from overseas to or departing from the UK must comply with various requirements, depending on their age, vaccination status and where they are traveling to.

The Government website provides the latest information and guidance

Keep in mind that different countries might have different entry requirements. Always check before making your travel plans.

What countries are possible to visit?

It gives recommendations on safe places to visit based on a variety of factors.

Before you make any purchase of holiday or travel insurance, be sure to check the FCO’s Changes Advice.

If travel insurance is purchased from an insurer that specifies that coverage will be available for your destination, it will not be in compliance with FCDO guidance.

You should be aware that different countries may have different entry requirements.

Tips to ensure you are safe in the event of a pandemic

You should purchase travel insurance at the same moment you book your holiday. You will receive cancellation coverage right away.

Covid-19-based insurance for travel will provide additional coverage such as:

Cancellation coverage for you or your party members who test positive within 14-days of your departure date. You can cancel your reservation if Covid-19 has been killed before you depart.

Cancellation coverage for cancellations that occur because the Covid-19 results are not returned in time. Curtailment coverage for those who are denied entry to their destination country due to failed tests. If you need to be quarantined while you are away, curtailment coverage may be available.

You should look for the “key features” or sections in policy documents that explain the coverage for Covid-19-related risks. It will help you pick the best policy. Make sure you are aware of exclusions to ensure you know what you can count on.

Many insurers offer three levels of coverage. These policies can be called Bronze, Silver or Gold, and priced according to their value. A Bronze policy might provide cancellation coverage for up to PS2,000, while the Gold version may offer cancellation coverage for up to PS5,000.

How much coverage you require will affect how much you pay for your premium.

Refer to the FCDO’s Travel Guidelines

It is unlikely that you’ll be covered if the FCDO changes travel advice for your holiday destination or if you are delayed or denied a refund by an airline/travel company.

If you do not wish to travel, you will not be eligible for cancellation. If your flight is canceled, your airline should offer a full reimbursement or an alternative departure date. Many travel insurance companies won’t pay if an airline gives vouchers instead of a refund.

Check to see if there are restrictions on Covid-19 at your destination

Some destinations may require coronavirus testing before you leave the UK, or when you arrive. Consult the regulations of the country you are visiting.

For those who are fully vaccinated, access to shops, restaurants, and other facilities may be restricted. This may include a booster jab, or proof of negative testing. Based on your vaccination status, you should determine what steps to take.

If you are unable to travel during your holiday, you may be eligible for coverage. Talk to your insurance company.

What coverages do you offer in addition to your insurance?

Standard options in travel insurance provide coverage for Covid-related or medical risks.

Baggage and possessions: You can file a claim against your insurance if your luggage or other belongings are lost, stolen, or damaged.

Scheduled airline loss insurance: You will be reimbursed for your flight costs if the airline goes under.

Personal Liability: You will be held responsible if you cause injury, death or damage to others.

Your insurer will cover legal expenses if you have been injured or suffer from any other type of loss while abroad.

Excess: Most insurance policies require you to contribute a specific amount to any claim that you make. This is known as the excess. This amount will be deducted from your claim payout.


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