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These are the best iPhone 12 Pro Max case designs to keep you from upgrading.

For the 6.7-inch screen, a quality iPhone 12 Pro Max cover will be essential. This iPhone is the largest Apple iPhone ever made, and it’s also one of the most heavy. It’s almost as if you were carrying an iPad Pro in your pocket. Although it’s very durable, I still get panicked when my phone falls. There are many cases that will protect your investment.

The iPhone 12 series features Apple’s most durable front screen glass. It’s infused with ceramic to make the glass scratch- and break-resistant. It is not indestructible. Apple’s standard rear glass is still excellent, but it is not as good as its counterpart on the front. The metal sides can also be damaged.

We have compiled the best iPhone 12 Pro Max cases, from MagSafe compatible wallets to folios, and many other options. The massive case is not necessary. These iPhone 12 Pro cases are a better choice.

This might be cheating as Apple has some of the best official cases. The MagSafe case is a fantastic idea. It is easier to transport your iPhone 12 Pro Max with the raised bezel. MagSafe technology makes it easy to remove and put back the case. Otterbox created a cover for the iPhone that was similar to a normal case but with magnets. It is not the same thing.

The Kumquat can be used as an alternative to the Pacific Blue iPhone 12 Pro Max. Apple’s elegant design aesthetic shines through the cases. It feels soft and comfortable, unlike any other case. Protect your iPhone from dirt, grit, and other debris.

Best OtterBox Case

Otterbox was the first company to create MagSafe cases for third-party customers, and their Symmetry series proved it. Although they are not as user-friendly as Apple’s MagSafe cases, they offer the same protection Otterbox is known for.

The Symmetry Series Case has a three-time military drop standard. It also features antimicrobial coatings that are long-lasting. The case has a silver-based additive to prevent microbial growth. It is more expensive than Otterbox products but it will protect your iPhone better.

Otterbox’s Child Scatter Case

You are looking for something geeky and cute? Otterbox has this adorable Star Wars The Mandalorian-inspired case. The Symmetry case, which does not have MagSafe functionality, will protect your iPhone 12 Pro Max. It is decorated with adorable The Child and Mando helmet stickers.

Thinnest Case

Totallee cases do not belong to the “over-engineering” trend. They are “under-engineered.” The thickness of the iPhone 12 Pro Max Thin Case measures 0.02 inches. The iPhone 12 Pro Max Thin Case weighs in at 0.02 inches. It protects the back and sides from drops and scratches. The raised lip protects the camera. For those who want a more minimalistic look, you can pick from either a plain or Pacific Blue version. This will match the iPhone 12 Pro’s exclusive colour.

Constructed with Sustainable Materials

The Lifeproof Wake is made of recycled plastic (85%) and protects your device in a responsible manner. Lifeproof’s material is made of reclaimed fishing lines that have been used up. These nets can be discarded by commercial fishermen, or left at sea to drift along the bottom. They pose a serious risk to the environment.

Lifeproof breaks down those nets into light green pellets, dark green pellets, or black. They then make ultra-thin, drop-proof, one-piece cases. The case’s back has a wave design, making it easier to hold.

Lifeproof is committed to improving the product’s lifespan and requests that you return your case after use. They will take the material back and make a new case. They are currently accepting non-Wake cases. Lifeproof donates $1 for each case purchased or registered.

Most Protective Case

Mous dropped the Limitless Case 45 feet from the ground, hopped on ice skates, and took it to the mountains to demonstrate the AiroShock material’s effectiveness. The raised bezel protects your screen.

Limitless cases come in a variety of leather, wood, and fibre options. These cases are both stylish and durable. Limitless offers a variety of magnetic accessories that can be combined with their cases. MagSafe accessories like card wallets won’t be affected by the extra thickness of this case. This is a great thing. The case also has a place for additional SIM cards as well as a SIM-removal tool. This is a great feature for frequent travellers.

Best Case for Germaphobes

Aeris’ Copper Case is a stunning case that is both antimicrobial as well as attractive. It is unique because of the copper outer nanocoat. Over time, it develops a patina similar to leather. Copper is also anti-germ growth. This protects you against the coronavirus. Protecting the copper outer layer of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is a polycarbonate shell that protects it from drops and other accidental damage. Pro Max cases are available for pre-order and will be shipped in the second week.

Best Gaming Case

The iPhone 12 Pro Max is faster and has more processing power. However, it will heat up more. Hot iPhones can be made more dangerous by a case. Razer rose to this occasion with their ArctechPro Case.

The inside of the Arctech Pro Case features a Thermapen Layer. The Thermapen layer traps heat and redirects it out the back to keep your phone cool and protected. It’s also antimicrobial, which prevents germs from growing on your iPhone. Razer also removed bumpers from the iPhone 12 Pro Max interior that were around the 5G antennas. This is a great touch that shows how committed Razer is to performance.

The Best Grip Case

The new Otterbox accessories for mobile gaming represent a significant step forward. There are antimicrobial shells that fit different Xbox controllers. You also have an attachable phone holder to attach to your controller. A handy carrying case can hold your controller with the cover and a horizontal privacy display (most privacy screens are vertically oriented).

Antimicrobial cases feature a custom-textured design that will allow you to hold your phone’s grip, even when your hands get sweaty. CoolVergence is a heat dispersing material that prevents your iPhone from overheating during intense games. This case has Otterbox’s superior drop protection which is 3x greater than other cases. This case can be used in conjunction with Otterbox’s gaming accessories, but it can also be used by itself.

Best Leather Case

Apple’s MagSafe leather case is the best choice for iPhone 12 Pro Max owners. I chose the yellow California Poppy as my first choice. The magnets will align with your iPhone to “magically” snap into position. However, this is really just a matter of “shove your iPhone in the case”. Apple is committed to providing a premium experience. Apple’s cases have a click sound that activates, and a screen effect that matches the color of your case. It’s quite neat.

Apple’s leather is luxurious and feels great. Apple warns that MagSafe accessories may leave marks on leather.

Best Wallet Case

Nomad makes some of the best cases on the market today. The Rugged Leather Folio iPhone 12 Pro Max Case made from natural Horween Leather is a perfect example. This case is made from beautiful Horween leather with a shock-absorbing rubber bumper that protects it from drops of up to 10 feet. The leather will develop marks and imperfections as it is used. You can store six cards and some cash in the case. Even better? You can use it with MagSafe!

Rugged Leather Folio is also able to absorb shocks, falls and will develop a patina. A glass protector is also a good option for falls. Protect your screen from scratches caused to cards in the cover, especially if it is an Apple Card.

The bottom case has two lanyard attachment points. If you wish to match your Apple Watch and iPhone, you can also order the colors in Apple Watch Straps.

Best Slim Wallet Case

Mujjo’s wallet case is a great alternative to Apple’s card wallet. The leather case comes with a card sleeve which fits into the back. The case is large enough for a credit card or licence. This is the best option if you’re only going out for a moment. The leather case has buttons and sides that are fully lined. This prevents any ugly polycarbonate bumpers from ruining the design. Mujjo’s leather cases come in black, blue, or a gorgeous hunter green.

Best Folio Case

The Folio Case by Pipetto is multifunctional. Simply squeeze the case to use it as a stand for your iPhone 12 Pro Max. It makes it possible to view videos handsfree. You can fold the cover up to allow you to use your iPhone for typing. It is big enough to fit in the 12 Pro Max.

The case is not only coated with antimicrobial material but also infused with it. It is durable and long-lasting. A protector for your front glass can be added to protect it. Otterbox has excellent antimicrobial protectors. This case will work flush with all screen protectors.

Best Wooden Case

Oakwood polishes Cherry and Walnut wood used to make their bumper cases. The front bumper protects your iPhone 12 Pro Max’s large front screen from being dropped.

Oakwood cases are even more stunning when paired with wooden charging stations. The Oakwood cases don’t have the magnetic snaps of Apple’s MagSafe charging stations, but they have a rustic charm that you won’t find elsewhere.


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