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Top 8 Websites for the Best Free ECards

Sending free e-cards is a great way to let your beloved family members know that you’re thinking about them, no matter if they’re across the street or across the country. These are a few websites that offer a broad variety of high-quality, free electronic cards.

Greetings Island

Greetings Island offers a wide assortment of cards that covers almost every kind of category you could imagine from holiday and special occasions, as well as everyday messages. Many of the free ecards on this site are able to be turned into photo cards . They can be personalized by adding personal messages that you have created and layouts and stickers that you prefer. Begin by designing your own personal design.

After you’ve created your own ecard, print it out, send it to yourself or via its hyperlink , or download it in PDF format.

Unclosed Me

pen Me offers some gorgeous free ecards featuring beautiful images and vibrant colors. Browse the ecards in accordance with the type of event, holiday, or occasion or event categories such as Animals Food, Animals, Funny Nature, and Photo Cards.

The ecards are free and are available to send via Facebook or by email. You can set the card to be sent out on an earlier date if you prefer not to receive it in a hurry. It’s possible to schedule it over the long run even years in advance of the date.

Open Me also has free group e-cards that allow users to share cards online with your family or colleagues. This allows everyone to write an inscription prior to sending it out to the recipient.

An email is sent to you once your card is received with the card’s recipient now ready to utilize it.


Ojolie’s no-cost ecards include ecards with videos that aren’t on any other website. While they’re exclusive, little selection.

Select a card with a video for the full-screen version of your card. After playing the video. Select an option for SENDING THIS CARD in order to personalize your greeting card and card.

You can send animated ecards to one individual or group of people in one go , or even schedule an appointment for delivery. You can monitor the e-card and track how long each recipient has it.


Someecards offers a wide selection of e-cards for free featuring cartoon characters who appear to be sharing what’s going through their minds.

There’s an abundance of pre-made cards to browse through. It isn’t possible to alter one of them, nor design your own.


Wrongcards has a large selection of free e-cards with messages that are filled with humor and sarcasm. These are cards you can send to your family members to mark their birthdays or leave them an email to inform them you’re thinking about them.

With categories such as “Thank God it’s Friday” and OCD the free electronic cards may not be correct, but they might be correct. Other categories include Romance, Celebration, Holiday Topical Concern, Romance and Celebration.

Send an email to one email address at a period of time, immediately or at a later date. If you would like to send your message to groups, there can be social media icons that you can use. YYou can also make a note of your own in the event that you’d like to.The recipient will be informed when someone opens your email.


WWF (World Wildlife Fund) provides adorable free ecards with wild animals that live within the wilderness.

You’ll find free birthday, friendship, love, thank you, invitation/announcement, and occasion cards here. These are unique cards that kids and adults will enjoy.

You are able to send them whenever you want, but at least 10 years after today or to several addresses at once.

123 greetings

123 Greetings is a great site for free e-cards if you’re looking for an exceptional card, one that even a less reputable site doesn’t offer. There’s a variety of cards available, you’ll need to go through a few poorly designed e-cards in order to find ones that are worthy of your time.

In addition to the more traditional categories such as weddings, family, congratulations and Flowers, you’ll also discover several new categories, such as at Work as well as Keep in Contact, as in addition to World Languages. If you’re unsure of where to start, take a look at the most popular ecards on the site.

Every category has subcategories that allow you to look through some of the most popular items in every category, as well as the latest styles, animation ecards, video ecards , and postcards.

You can also include the text to appear within the back of the card when someone is able to open the card. The text editor gives you the option to change the font’s style size, size and the color.

Send them immediately or up to two months ahead. They are able to be distributed to multiple recipients at the same time.


The site is completely free and offers faith-based messages which are ideal for Christian holidays , as and cards for encouraging occasions like birthdays and anniversaries.

Input your email address and your name as well as the contact details for at least one recipient. Add the message to appear below the e-card after it has been opened. Edit the Subject Line of the email as well as your subject line.

The e-cards which are completely free from CrossCards can be delivered anytime soon. Choose the day it will arrive , and put it aside. It will send you an email sent out when CrossCards sends you an electronic card and another when it’s opened.


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